Android smartphones will replace the documents

Смартфоны на Android заменят документы

On single-chip systems Snapdragon Snapdragon 865 and 765/765G yesterday we learned all about their basic functions and parameters. However, something interesting is left over.

Смартфоны на Android заменят документы

Reportedly, these platforms were the first on the market with support for Android API Identity Credential. Android Identity Credential is a framework inside the operating system Android, which allows you to securely store digital copies of your ID. For example, driver’s license, passport and other such documents.

Details about this development Google a little while, and it’s unclear when this technology will be implemented in smartphones. But it will happen before the second half of next year, as it will all be implemented only in Android R. in addition to such documents had the power, the laws of a particular country should imply. In any case, technology support at the hardware level is the first step to the introduction of new functions in serial products.

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