Angel Forrest in the Confessional

Angel Forrest au Confessionnal

Angel Forrest is accustomed to go into the crowd and interact with his audience. She is aware that she will have to act differently, Thursday night and Friday, when she will perform in front of 50 spectators in the new space, The Confessional of the Capitole de Québec.

“I don’t know how I’m going to do to not go and give hugs to people. It is certain that I will not do it, even if I miss a lot of it. I’ll try to connect with the people by the word and the stories I want to tell”, she dropped, in an interview.

The Confessional presents, since the July 3 dinner shows in front of 50 spectators. Pascale Picard, Jean Ravel, Geneviève Jodoin and Katee Julien are produced at this location until now.

The singer will perform in trio with her guitarist and lover Denis Coulombe and Ricky Paquette. She will do songs from her album Hell Bent With Grace, launched last November, to revisit its directory and do some of the classics.

Calendar messed up

Angel Forrest had a full agenda this spring and this summer with concerts in the United States, in Canada, in Quebec and also in festivals, all of which have been cancelled.

“It would have been my year the most busy. I’m happy to have these two shows. I look forward and I try not to think too much about the following things. It’s going to give us the energy”, she stated.

Angel Forrest admits that the current period is far from easy to cross.

“It is very difficult. I don’t sell the disc in stores and I don’t play on the radio. These are the shows that allow me to earn my living. This is where I’m getting paid, I sell albums, and that offers me to participate in private events. And it is finished here for at least two years. It is really scary and one has no idea what to do next”, she stated.

Proclaimed singer of the year six times in a row, between 2013 and 2018, at the Maple Blues Awards, Angel Forrest has been living since last December in a bus tour with her husband.

This is the bus, bassist Michel Lamothe, and has been used during the tour, Quebec Rock Offenbach. It was used as a lodge when the singer was on the road with his spouse to give shows.

“We sold everything to buy this bus, and transform it. It was all redone for two years. It has become our way of life”, she told.

The intentions of the couple of musicians are living in Québec until the cold weather arrives and then roll into Western canada and the United States, where it is warmer and to work and to give performances.

“We were in Nashville and we are preparing to undertake a series of live performances, when he had to return to the country due to the pandemic. We had, at that time, back in June in Quebec, for performances in Québec,” she mentioned.

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