Angelina Jolie publicly called brad pitt a bad father

Анджелина Джоли публично назвала Брэда Питта плохим отцом

In Hollywood, another scandal is brewing between the former spouses Angelina Jolie and brad pitt. While the actor is rapidly establishing his personal life, the actress publicly calls her ex-husband a bad father.

American tabloids reported that Angelina Jolie does not choose words when talking about her former spouse and father of children brad pitt. After the U.S. court has allowed the actor to see more children, Jolie literally fell into a depression. Insiders report that the actress does not understand this judge’s decision because, according to her, pitt is frankly a bad father.

Angelina considers himself a decent, loving and caring mother, who knows better what they want her six children. Moreover, Jolie criticized the methods of education pitt, saying that she can better take care of joint heirs.


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