Angelina Jolie rocked an intimate statement: details

Famous actress Angelina Jolie was very surprised with the details of your loneliness.

Анджеліна Джолі приголомшила інтимною заявою: деталі

42-year-old Hollywood actress admitted that she did not have enough time for yourself, and tips to relax angelina Jolie frankly annoying, because it can’t do. The star added that alone feels strange emptiness, so even taking a bath in the presence of their children, reports Rus.Media.

I’ve never really relax, and it drives me crazy when people tell me to relax. I think most mothers practically no rest, but we find it a real pleasure. Even when I take a bath with me there are at least two children and it’s wonderful– said Angelina Jolie.

Анджеліна Джолі приголомшила інтимною заявою: деталі

At the same time, the actress pays great attention to the education of children. According to her, most of all you need to teach them empathy, because caring about other people is one of the most important skills.

“It is important to appreciate other people. If you live thinking only about themselves and their needs and desires, is not only selfish, but pretty miserable life. War and hostility, ugliness and inhumanity in this world arise from lack of empathy to each other,” – said a celebrity.

Despite this emphasis on the education of children of Americans shocked by the fact that the actress admits minors to such intimate procedures. Many social media users condemned such actions Angelina Jolie and suggested that it could affect the psyche of her children.

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