Angelina Jolie spoke about their makeup, experimenting with looks and the most sexy qualities

Angelina Jolie

42-year-old Angelina Jolie last year became the face of Guerlain fragrance Mon, whose advertising campaign is in full swing. In the April issue of InStyle magazine the actress spoke about her attitude to beauty.

About experiments with makeup in my youth:

Sure there were moments when I plastered makeup all over the face, but I was a bit of a Tomboy and a punk. It is very popular to dye your hair blue. In my time they were clarified and used a Sharpie to color. But I never went to her friend’s home to do makeup. I’m not one of those women who say, “let’s spend the afternoon together and make hairstyles”. I think it’s nice, but I was never like this.

Angelina Jolie

About their make-up every day:

Feel more comfortable when you have a concealer for dark circles. He is my main tool.

The actress admitted that 11 years on her skin appear dark spots, to fight that it helps the dermatologist.

When I got pregnant, these spots become even darker. So from time to time, I resort to laser IPL technologies.

About the lessons his mother Marcelin Bertrand:

Whenever I was upset, she said, “Let me see your soul.” It is meant to show himself to her. Now I tell my kids: “Find yourself, find out who you are.” Each person has their own opinion on what beauty is. The most beautiful intellect. The man with the flaming consciousness and intellect very sexy. Sensitive, thoughtful and passionate – there is no more attractive qualities. And there is nothing that can be applied to the face to hide the emptiness in his head and the darkness in the heart.

About my purse:

I wear one shade of red. I have black eyeliner and mascara. I have the most boring set of makeup. About age and aging:

Look at yourself in the mirror and see my mother. Me very warm this similarity. I see that getting old also love this because it means that I live live and get older. Of course, I don’t like dark spots after pregnancy. See their drawbacks. But I like what I see. In your reflection you see your family and your age.

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