Angelina Jolie was hospitalized after depletion

Анджелину Джоли госпитализировали после истощения

Angelina Jolie hospitalized. 44-year-old Hollywood star after high-profile divorce from brad pitt every day is a growing concern. Recently, she fainted from exhaustion, and the fans ceased to know her, writes .

While brad pitt is having an affair with Jennifer aniston, Angelina Jolie plunged into parenting and philanthropy. About my personal life no question. During the three years of the divorce she lost a lot of weight. Fans no longer recognize the actress and seriously worried about her health. And not in vain.

Recently, the journalists noticed that Jolie comes out of the medical facility in Beverly hills. Their emaciated figure she was trying to hide under a dress and tired eyes behind his glasses. Noticing the paparazzi, she hurried to escape, but some pictures leaked in the net.

Users were divided into two groups. Some sympathize with the actress, while others condemn its unhealthy appearance.

The entourage star said that a few days ago, she fainted and was hospitalized. But the test results, the actress did not wait and soon reappeared on the set of the new film “Those who wish me dead”.

We will remind, the official divorce, Jolie and pitt took place in April of this year. And then the actress got rid of the double surname.