Angers: A mother is suspected of arranging the rape of her children

A courthouse (illustration). — PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP

Twist in the investigation in march 2016 regarding rape and sexual assault perpetrated on at least three minors in the early 1990s to Angers. The mother of the victims was placed on Tuesday under /F1807″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>status of witness assisted by the investigating judge, in the framework of a judicial investigation. In clear, it is suspected to be the author of or an accomplice to the rape of its children by at least two men harbored under its roof, reports Ouest-France.

Two Angevins set review

The facts allegedly took place in two apartments angevins where lived the mother with her seven children. Three girls reported repeated rapes at this time. They accuse their mother, now fifty-year-old to have held such sexual abuse.

A version corroborated by two men hosted by the mother of a family. These two brothers from angers, aged of fifty years have been put in examination at the end of 2016 for rape and sexual assault on minors under 15 years of age. The investigation is ongoing. The mother of the family remains, for the time being, in freedom.

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