Anglade wants to time just on Chagnon

Anglade veut l’heure juste sur Chagnon

Despite the repeated refusals of the national Assembly, the liberal Party of Québec request to turn an investigation into allegations of sexual touching made against the ex-president of the assembly, Jacques Chagnon, has learned our Bureau of investigation.

The chief whip of the parliamentary wing of the liberal, Nicole Ménard, sent Sunday a letter about it to the successor of Mr. Chagnon, François Paradis.

This decision was first taken by the new leader of the QLP, Dominique Anglade, explained the spokesperson Leah Career.

“Ms. Anglade has asked our chief whip to convey, in the name of our training policy, a request to the president of the national Assembly, François Paradis, suggesting to take any action or initiative to make light of the situation,” she said.

Impossible to investigate

The ex-president of the walloon Parliament Émily Hoyos recently stated at a media belgian that Mr. Chagnon had put the hand to the posterior, in 2011, when she was received at the national Assembly, Mr. Chagnon has denied.

The ex-president of the walloon Parliament Émily Hoyos (centre, front), then it was received at Quebec by his counterpart Jacques Chagnon (right), in may 2011.

Last week, the third vice-president of the national Assembly, Maryse Gaudreault, also a liberal mla, said that the institution could not investigate.

A few days earlier, a spokesman had previously indicated that it was impossible to investigate, ” since it is the allegations “.

Yesterday, it was not possible to obtain from the national Assembly for confirmation that the letter of the QLP has been received by Mr. Paradise.

The institution has acknowledged that it holds “in fact, some management authorities’, without specifying whether it is investigative powers.

Last week, the liberals have argued that the national Assembly has “all the freedom and the independence” to address the issue.

The Parti québécois had also asked the institution to act.

Apology required

According to two sources, the repeated refusals of the national Assembly have been making waves within the liberal caucus. Mrs. Gaudreault has had to explain the position of the institution on Tuesday.

An ex-political attaché liberal, Vicki Émard, was also accused on Facebook Ms. Gaudreault want to defend Mr. Chagnon in refusing to investigate allegations that the aim.

In an interview with our Bureau of investigation, Ms. Émard has demanded that Ms. Gaudreault apologizes or retracts. “Doing nothing is criminal “, she said.

Ms. Émard has already complaint of having received a pornographic image of a member of parliament, Yves St-Denis, who had to leave the liberal caucus, in 2018.

Mr. St-Denis had acknowledged the facts while maintaining that there had been consent.

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