Ani Lorak almost got into debt because of their own show

Ани Лорак едва не попала в долговую яму из-за собственного шоу

The singer has spent a whopping amount of money to organize concerts on the tour DIVA.

Representatives of the singer claimed that the actress wanted to give fans a real holiday, but almost fell because of his own show into debt.

In the beginning of the year, the singer announced the start his show. Artist together with a team of professionals worked a long time on the concert program and not stinted on the best instrument to the show was really excellent.

Fans, personally present at the event, noted that the concert is indeed worthy of the highest praise and can compete with the giants of the world stage.

Last week, however, rumors that Lorak, in fact, nearly bankrupt because of the scale of his show, because the organization of events invested the money from his own pocket.

Representatives Lorak told reporters that the goal is to capitalize on its concert program, the singer did not pursue, but fans should not worry, because Ani has everything under control.

“This show, to be honest, rarely serve as a source of income. This is standard international practice. Ani wanted to give fans a holiday at the highest level and it clearly failed. Not to get into debt, a do it yourself. At the moment, has not yet closed some accounts, but gradually the issues,” said Mikhail Uspenskiy, Director of Ani Lorak.


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