Ani Lorak appeared in incredible candid image

Ани Лорак предстала в невероятном откровенном образе

Known Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who leads an active career in Russia, again announced his show “Diva”. On his page on the social network Instagram, the singer shared a candid snapshot in the image whether Mata Hari, or Cleopatra.

Photo Karolina KUEK appeared in a revealing costume that covers exclusively the intimate area.

The singer commented many netizens:

“Oh My God! This is world level! You are beautiful! Beyonce, move over!”.

“The goddess”.



“Angel on earth… no More words!”.


“This is the image of a Mata Hari?”.

“Whoa! Why so hot?”.

“What about the bodice? Cups of different sizes, or is it something I do not understand.”

“Mata Hari”.


“Photoshopped of course.”

“You do know that this girl was a courtesan, or you are the images like? It is practically nothing to recognize of the world”.

“Cleopatra nervously smokes on the sidelines! Every photo is a work of art, Your husband probably pure karma, such a treasure grab”.

“That is the beggar, what trifle!”.

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