Ani Lorak has disappointed its fans with enlarged lips

Ани Лорак разочаровала своих поклонников увеличенными губами

Famous singer for a long time suspected of holding a large number of plastic surgeries and ask her to stop doing it.

Ani Lorak showed the followers in Instagram, how they spend their day, posting a photo of the car. She also decided to ask the fans a question of a philosophical nature: “Today, what did you do for tomorrow?”.

The answers were varied. Someone got the dough for making pizza, someone is going to sea in a train, others are engaged in housework, helping parents. There were those who compared Ani Lorak with Vitali Klitschko with his, now legendary, question. Others urged the singer to stop to get involved in the application of plastics, as “lips too big”. There were other expressions: “don’t quack”, “for many years of the same, did not think about a new image”.


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