Ani Lorak posted a photo without makeup (photo)

2016-09-24 20:53

Ani Lorak posted a photo without makeup (photo)
Ani Lorak has shared with his fans on the social network photo without makeup. The singer looks in the picture very soft. Especially noticeable effect when compared with the previous photo, where the artist is depicted before the performance. In the last picture of Ani Lorak looks much younger than “pounds” of makeup.

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Fans, of course, noted that the singer always looks like “100”. She is beautiful and with makeup and without it, because not all stars can boast of natural beauty.

“15 years younger looks without make-up”, “Woman alive beauty”, “Lovely”, “There is nothing better than natural beauty. Just not tear his eyes”, “Without makeup is much prettier”, “Young, fresh, like yesterday rested”, “House this”, – wrote in the comments of subscribers. In just a few hours, the post gathered more than 25 thousand likes and over 200 comments with compliments to Ani Lorak.

Note, the artist quite often pleases its users photos without “makeup”.

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