Ani Lorak shocking “new” Breasts

2017-10-12 17:23

Ani Lorak shocking “new” Breasts
A bust of some famous artist grew several sizes.

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New image of the singer Ani Lorak caused a real stir in the community. The artist was struck by users of the Internet appearance, reports “Rus.Media”.

On his page on “Instagram”, Lorak has published several candid shots from the shooting of the next clip. On the photo the singer sits on a white cube in tight tights and a tank top. However, not this attracted the attention of users. First, they drew attention to the significant increase in the size of the breast of the singer.

As a result, as you might expect, this gave rise to a new gossip. In particular, many have argued that Lorak, 39 years old, decided to resort to services of plastic surgeons or have used a bra with push-up effect.

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