Ani Lorak without photoshop surprised fans

Ани Лорак без фотошопа  удивила поклонников

In the social network Instagram a new picture of Ani Lorak, which shows the artist during the working time without photoshop and makeup. Netizens were unpleasantly surprised by what he saw, and as reported in the review.

In the microblog the singer has a new photo in black and white style, which popular singer is depicted without a gram of cosmetics. “The working time with the talented and charismatic designer”, — signed photo of the Ukrainian star. Attentive fans began to study the and praised the singer, who did not use photoshop.

However, many followers did not like the lorac looks like without the stage makeup. Haters said that the singer should not have to publish a picture with unwashed hair and lack of makeup that is not saved even a black and white filter.



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