Ani Lorak won the excellent sports form

Ани Лорак покорила отличной спортивной формой

The singer has intrigued his fans with a new picture in her microblog.

Ani Lorak in his Instagram account proved that even in the gym she feels like the Queen, published a photograph in which she poses in a tight sexy suit for training. The singer asked his fans whether they are ready to see her favorite exercises that subscribers Lorak said that they are willing to look at it by day and by night, in spite of its activity. Photo elegant Ani Lorak showed her Breasts and the press, and revealed the slender hips in tights that are sexy covered her bikini area.

In the comments someone of the subscribers said that Ani Lorak in the picture yet not sweaty, but she already wants to take a shower, and a few times. Note, the publication of Ukrainian singer liked even Sergey Lazarev, who was unable to resist the appetizing forms of people’s artist of Ukraine. Fans Lorak asked that all the exercises the singer next time performed in more revealing outfits, expressing concern about the fact that beauty can overheat.


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