Anik Jean: happy behind the camera

Anik Jean: heureuse derrière la caméra

The cinema has always played an important role in the musical work of Anik Jean. Even at the beginning of his career, the singer would often call to filmmakers – including Francis Leclerc and Robin Aubert, in order to put in scene the music videos of his songs. It is therefore not surprising today to see it turn more and more towards the realization of films.

In an interview to the Journal on the occasion of the release in video-on-demand of the film musical Lost Soul, Anik Jean has not hidden the work behind the camera passionate about more and more. Also, since she has turned Lost Soul, four years ago, the musician and filmmaker has signed the music for the film Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2 and has directed two short films (The door and Be wise) that wandered in a few festivals around the world.

“When I was doing music videos for my songs, I preferred to turn to the genres of short films instead of videos where you see me singing on stage,” says Anik Jean, joined this week in the Gaspé, where she is confined since the beginning of the pandemic, with her husband, Patrick Huard and their son, Nathan.

“Today, I realize that I like a lot more work behind the camera than in front of it. I like to stay back and see a story that I have written develop under my eyes. In this moment, I am in the process of writing the music for the series Squad 99 (the quebec version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and I’m getting a big trip. It is really fun. It is a comedy and very upbeat. This is very different from the music I’ve written for Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2. “

Female distress

Inspired by the album of the same title that Anik Jean will release in 2015, Lost Soul” tells the story of a young mother who decides to leave her husband and their son to go live alone in the forest. The musician and filmmaker has co-directed the film with Jean-François Bergeron. She also presented the work on stage in the projections-concerts that combined film and live performance.

“After the premiere of the film, there are people who came to see me to ask me if it was going well in my couple “, she said laughing.

“For generations, we had the image of the mother who stays at home to care for their children. I said to myself : and if it was a mother who abandoned the father and the children ? It is often the men who are assholes, but women also may have wanted to go elsewhere. I wanted to show the distress on the women’s side. And it seems that a lot of women are recognized in this character. After the first one, I received testimonies from women who have told me that the film had made them cry and experience emotions. Some of them have told me that they had already felt like this for a few days. “

In addition to writing the music for the series Squad 99 (which was carried out by Patrick Huard), Anik Jean is working on a first feature film project as a producer that she would like to shoot in the summer of 2021.

“The film is called The men of my mother and it was scripted by the novelist Maryse Latendresse, highlights Anik Jean. We share the same agent, she and me. And after the first of the Lost Soul”, she told him that she would like that I realize the film. It’s been a year and a half that we work together on this. My team is formed. I have actors who have been confirmed, including Mylène Mackay. We think that we could shoot the film in the summer of 2021, but it will depend upon what will happen with the COVID-19, of course. Everyone should adjust to what is happening in this moment. It is flipped over. “

The film musical Lost Soul” is available online on iTunes and AppleTV.

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