Aniston Theroux are willing to pay a large sum, but he was not given the dark secrets of their marriage

Энистон готова заплатить Теру крупную сумму, лишь бы он не выдал темные секреты их брака
In mid-February of this year Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux have announced that they are getting a divorce. According to rumors, now the actress is afraid that the former will share with the press details of their far from perfect family life.

49-year-old Jennifer aniston five months ago broke up with her second husband, 46-year-old Justin Theroux. Celebrity did not tell reporters why he made that decision. One decided that the former “Friends” star decided to go back to another ex-husband brad pitt. Others agreed that Justin was bored with Jen, and he began to stare at younger girls.

On the process, I don’t know even the ubiquitous insiders. In addition, some sources close to Theroux and aniston argue that they were never officially married, so sharing them is nothing special. But after the break Justin is not left with nothing. Rumor has it that the star of the series “Left behind” still receives substantial compensation. The actress is ready to pay former more than five million dollars for his silence.

Jen horrified thinking about what will happen if Justin decides to write a book or begin to be Frank with journalists.

“She wants to settle things with Justin, so ready so be generous. Jennifer insists on the signing of the Treaty on the non-disclosure of personal information. She understands that Justin could adversely affect its reputation,” said anonymous source told us Ok!.

It seems that Theroux himself is not against such a contract. Since then, as Selebi split up, he says nothing at all about the former.

I can’t imagine what family secret could cost a round sum?


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