Anita Lutsenko supported mothers whose children are less than a year

Анита Луценко поддержала мамочек, чьим детям меньше года

As Anita says, this is a difficult period when the woman couldn’t feel her body the way it was before childbirth, slouches, her back is sore and when all hands she is a “bad mother”.

Fitness trainer and the other describes the state – conflicts with the beloved, who “could do more to help,” Rosalina teeth and falling hair, falling out of the circle childless, and the simple desire to sleep.

“You want to be alone, but conscience says you should be ashamed of this want, you to drink even grief can not”, – Lutsenko continues.

Crumbs! Important to survive to 1 year. Hugging each girl, and you’re not alone, and everything goes! And life again will be, and you will feel 100% charged up the battery, only plus you have New people around = love all over the world in the heart,” Anita cheer moms.Those who are not close to these feelings, a well-known fitness trainer called smart.

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