Anna Faris spoke about the decision to enlarge breast after divorce

Анна Фэрис рассказала о решении увеличить грудь после развода

Someone after breaking up with a man cuts bangs, someone like Anna Faris – acquires the new breast. The actress graced the cover of the may edition of Women’s Health and in an interview with gloss reminded of how immediately after his first divorce, he decided to undergo plastic surgery for breast augmentation – and then wondered, does this not contradict the ideas of feminism.

“I have always had a very small breast size, and that’s when I was 30, and I’m just at this moment divorced, and had just finished acting in “the house Bunny”, and got another role… well, that happened to me all these new things, so I did her chest. It was pretty cool. I never thought I would dare to something like that. I always thought that plastic surgery is kind of like “give up”, you know? But in the end it came down to a very simple thing: I just wanted to see me in a bikini at least there was something. Wanted to know how it is. I’m still in shock that I did it because I’m a staunch feminist – and I thought, what if I betray your gender?”

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