Anna Faris told who of Hollywood Hotties best kisser

Анна Фэрис рассказала, кто из голливудских красавчиков лучше всего целуется

Very soon we will see Anna Faris in the remake of the cult Comedy “overboard”, in the framework of the promotional campaign which the actress was a guest on Watch What Happens Live! and talked not only about his new film, but also about former colleagues – telling you who of Hollywood stars she liked to kiss.

During his long career in film Anna managed to test the skills in the kisses of many Hollywood beauties – for example, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, Luke Wilson. Last, it turns out that kissing – at least, according to Anna – best.

“Probably, “My super ex-girlfriend”, with Luke Wilson – it was really nice,” recalled Faris in response to the question about their best and worst kisses in movie. “To be honest, I always do something ridiculous when we’re shooting the kissing scene… was, for example, the moment when I almost took a bite out of Ryan Reynolds lower lip. That was fun.”

On the question of who of her colleagues in Hollywood kisser worst of all, Anna diplomatically chose not to respond.

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