Anna Rizatdinova told me how was her relationship with Ksenia Mishina

Анна Ризатдинова рассказала, как складывались ее отношения с Ксенией Мишиной

Anna Rizatdinova admits that she is upset with second place on the show dancing with the stars 2019. But I am infinitely grateful for people’s love and support that helped her reach the Grand final. In an interview for the YouTube channel, “Ukrainska Pravda” the gymnast told us how was her relationship with the winner of the project Ksenia Mishina.

Анна Ризатдинова рассказала, как складывались ее отношения с Ксенией Мишиной

She explained that he considered a rival very bitchy person. But as it turned out later, the actress also thought that Anna haughty and arrogant.

“We have an interesting story. We had not communicated for two months exactly. And we are high, said “hi” and then half-turned. I thought she was a bitch. And that’s a fact. At first I thought that this image. No. She is a very beautiful girl, but with a slightly bitchy character, and noticed it. She’s a great person , but this touch of bitchiness there for her and love actually. I was afraid of. I understand that this is not my type of man and avoided it.She had me the same opinion. I have a high opinion about yourself, the athlete with the Cup in his hands. And we avoided each other’s side,” — said Rizatdinova.

Everything changed once the girls openly talked. After the dialogue they have established warm friendly relations, but this did not cancel the competition.

“After 6 weeks Ksenia done, plucked up courage and approached me. And we started talking. “What we did not communicate”, “I was scared of you”, “I want you”. And since then we started to be friends. Well how to make friends? She still saw in me a rival, I — it,” admits Anna.

Gymnast says that on the floor closer to the finale felt a real sports rivalry, everyone started checking out the competition. “When there is a boost in the back, then there is a tremendous growth. Communication was less – more looks at each other,” recalls the period a gymnast.

Anna admitted that it was difficult to play, but she behaved with dignity towards the opponents the winners.

“Ksenia, I even congratulated live. Thanked rivals. This should always be done. Because they have pushed and motivated. A struggle was played between the two strongest pairs, both technically and emotionally. I think will remember us and our dances with Sasha asked a certain level. I think next year will look at the strap Rizatdinova”, — convinced the athlete.

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