Anna Sedokova got myself hot vacation

Anna Sedokova is resting off the coast of Miami with children.

Анна Сєдокова влаштувала собі гарячі канікули

Anna Sedokova decided to go on vacation. Together with the children she went to Miami, where he enjoys warm days on the coast. 35-year-old mother of many children generously shared photos in Instagram with fans, reports Rus.Media.

The youngest son of singer Hector April 8 will be a year: apparently, the birthday kid the star is also celebrated in Miami. Anna has published a photo, which depicted in a bright orange swimsuit with toys in his hands.

Анна Сєдокова влаштувала собі гарячі канікули

Fans showered the enthusiastic review: in the frame actress shows slim figure, which after the birth of her third child became even more feminine. Bloggers are asked Anna to share more often not only personal images but also to show how she’s resting with the kids.

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