Anna Sedokova: I’m still going to tell Monica that she has the best dad in the world

Анна Седокова:  Я все равно буду говорить Монике, что у нее лучший папа в мире

Anna Sedokova: “I’m still going to tell Monica that she has the best dad in the world”
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Anna Sedokova with her daughters Alina and Monica. Photo: Instagram

The singer for more than a year fighting with her ex-husband for custody of her daughter.

Anna Sedokova in an interview said that is not going to set the youngest daughter Monica against her father’s Maxim cherniavskii, which is about a year fighting for custody.

– Whatever completed now our conflict with the Maxim (though not entirely sure that the conflict we have with it), I’m still going every day to tell Monica that she has the best dad in the world. You know? Because I didn’t hear anyone say. Mom was hurt and she said that dad left us. And maybe that’s why I’m so suspicious of men do not know how to forgive some things that are worth to forgive. But I am working on myself – admitted Sedokova.

To explain why Cherniavsky wanted to limit her contact with the child and Anna was gone. The family of her ex-husband on this account their opinion.

I do not know. I still haven’t found an answer to this question. And the more I don’t understand, where does love? You know, we had crazy feelings! We loved each other. But at some point the amount of pain that people cause each other, transformerait these feelings into hatred, in the desire to offend and hurt, – said Sedokova.

The interview was probably recorded before Anna Sedokova and her second husband Maxim Chernyavskiy signed the settlement agreement on the custody of the common daughter Monica. The girl will study in the United States to live with his father and spending holidays with my mom. Singer allowed to do the daughter in the TV show, music videos and commercials.


Grandma Chernyavskaya told how Sedokova stole the daughter of Valentin Belkevich

“KP” talked with the grandmother Chernyavsky, a 73-year-old Marina Petrovna, who testified against Anna in court. The woman lives in Kiev, but often travels to her son and granddaughter in Los Angeles. She told me a lot about the attitude Sedokova children and how she took the child from her first husband, a football player Valentin Belkevich.

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