Anna Sedokova: it is Difficult to write about Monica, not having the right to publish her photo

Анна Седокова:  Сложно писать о Монике, не имея права публиковать ее фото

Anna Sedokova: “it is Difficult to write about Monika, not having the right to publish her photo”
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Anna with her daughters, the eldest is a Junior Alina and Monica. Photo: Instagram Sedokova

The court has forbidden the singer to see his daughter without the presence of the warden. Grandmother of the ex-spouse believes that Anne herself abandoned your daughter.

History of proceedings between Anna Sedokova and her ex-husband Maxim Chernyavskiy does not descend from the front pages of publications for several months now. And lasts longer – from last year, when Cherniavsky filed for Sedokova claim. According to the singer, ex-husband wants to deprive her of maternal rights. Since their 6-year-old daughter Monica was born in America (the girl is a US citizen and lives there now with his father and his relatives), the trial takes place in the States. In short, the claims Cherniavsky boil down to the fact that Anna is a singer who tours a lot, and he has more time to engage the child. In addition, the businessman said in court that Sedokova can take my daughter to Russia and not return.

“I don’t understand why you say I’m dangerous”

At the end of may in interview to “KP” Anna Sedokova said: “I don’t understand why I was sued, why you say I’m dangerous. For nine months I’m trying to survive, to fight, do not lose heart. To study law, constantly interact with lawyers, spend in America, they are tens of thousands of dollars, working around the clock to have these to earn money, travel hundreds of kilometers there and back. I have always been for communication with the daughter of the Pope, demanded nothing, and sincerely believed we married friends”.

In recognition Sedokova, in August last year without her presence, the court held: “Maxim demanded in court, so I met with the child only in the presence of the warden. And the court supported him”.

Yet to chat with a girl the mother can only in the presence of a social worker.

“The warden around all the time, monitor to Monica could not speak Russian, only English. Records everything that we do. Even sleeps next to me, walks with us in the bathroom,” she said to us in the same interview.

Анна Седокова:  Сложно писать о Монике, не имея права публиковать ее фото

But before such pictures, the blog had a lot of… Photo: Instagram Sedokova

“Mona never bad word heard about mom”

Grandmother of Maxim Cherniavsky has not remained aloof from the scandal and described in detail in Instagram why the family had the disorder. According to Marina Chernyavskaya, it Sedokova forced her grandson to go to court – supposedly Anna wanted to remove the child in the Russian TV show, forgetting that Monica is soon to go to school in Los Angeles.

“It all started in July 2017, Anna decided to take Mona to relocate for the filming of “Around the world in the time of the decree”. But Mona was enrolled at Los Angeles. She is an American citizen, and secondary education is compulsory and truancy is punishable by law. So Maxim was rushed to Mona’s home, where 23 Aug granddaughter went to the first class. And to Anna forcibly took the child, Max through the court received the determination of the place of residence of Mona in Los Angeles – said Marina Chernyavskaya. – If Anna agreed and signed a settlement agreement, it would not be “guards”, but it is not signed”.

According to Cherniavsky, with the birth of Monica the singer did not practically child, being almost all the time on tour in Russia.

“And so six years. Maxim didn’t mind – it’s her right to build her life the way she wants and to earn as he can. Mona never a bad word heard about your mom and will not hear, no matter what. Anna came as they wanted and daughter are seen equally,” wrote Cherniavsky.

Soon the posts were removed from social networks.

“…I believe that love will win”

Meanwhile, Anna Sedokova is already a week in Instagram publishes photos and videos from a holiday with friends in Saint-Tropez. These posts immediately caused an uproar among its subscribers and jokes. In comments write that it doesn’t look like that Sedokova misses his daughter. A couple of days ago, the actress left in Instagram:

“It’s hard to write about Monica, not having the right to publish her photo. This is one of the requirements to me, or to see his daughter, but not show you her picture or not to see. A strange choice. I think that each of us would choose the first. There are many requirements and conditions. There are many misunderstandings and follies. And at first I blamed myself, then him, then her. But… But I believe that love conquers all. Not to each other, and us to the little flower. And the flower will grow and become beautiful, healthy and a very happy flower. I promise I will make to this effort. I love you, daughter. Daddy and I love you very much”.

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