Anna Semenovich came to the Kremlin in transparent skirt

The singer has shifted the public’s attention with its luxurious neckline to the hips.

Анна Семенович прийшла у Кремль в прозорій спідниці

“Thanks, favorite, all, who were with us in the Kremlin on the main concert, full of love! Who watched muztv? Do you like it?”—wrote in microblogging head “positivize” Russian Instagram Anna Semenovich, reports Rus.Media.

The post the singer was accompanied by his photograph in which she poses in festive attire — a black bodysuit with rows of crystals on the chest and a light transparent skirt to the floor, which reveals the gorgeous hip Semenovich.

Fans who are accustomed to other spicy accents in the outfits Anna was surprised. Some — nice: “Behold, the Princess bride, how such beauty can not find a Prince?”, “You look amazing! Dress — fire!”, “Lovely legs,” “You were the best, beautiful!””You have not the body, and the solid dignity!”.

Others did not appreciate the candid skirt Anna, and even found traces of photoshop on pictures of the Kremlin: “At the concert and photos of different shapes, so why photoshop, you have to accept yourself and not to reduce. And yet so good”, “the Kremlin walls curves?”, “Surprised by the choice of dress… What these cowards? What for?”, “It’s ugly when you can see everything. Would be better if the insert was opaque. Would have looked better.”

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