Anne Dorval in five striking roles

Anne Dorval in five striking roles

MONTREAL – Unis TV has brought out mothballs the first season of “Chambres en ville” (Friday, 9 pm and 9:30 pm) and its unforgettable characters, including, of course, the frank and colorful Lola. Nice pretext to look back on the career of Anne Dorval, an actress with a thousand registers, capable of making people laugh and cry, sometimes in the same scene. Here are five of his prominent television roles.

  • Lola Corbeil, “Rooms in the city” (1989-1996)

The role that made Anne Dorval known and conquered a generation of viewers. Lola the tornado, Lola the slobber, Lola the eccentric, Lola the sensitive and Lola the distraught lover of her beautiful Pete (Francis Reddy), whom she never managed to forget, despite detours in other arms , including those of Gabriel (Vincent Graton) and Simon (Bruce Dinsmore). Always ready to help her friends, Lola was also constantly quick to draw a “tadpole!” felt good to anyone who lacked savvy in his eyes. The talent of Anne Dorval was already shining in the skin of this cegep student with a very nuanced personality.

  • Lucie Chabot, “Virginie” (1996-2002)

At the end of “Chambres en ville”, in 1996, Anne Dorval could have remained for a long time identified with the outstanding character of Lola, but the author Fabienne Larouche made a beautiful gift to the actress by offering her the role of the neurotic Lucie Chabot in his daily “Virginie” on Radio-Canada. Appearing proud and haughty, even if the victim of the infidelities of her husband Daniel Charron (Jean-François Pichette), Lucie, lawyer and mother of a little girl, became more and more elusive according to the intrigues, going so far as to play she also plays the game of extramarital seduction … and making advances to the handsome Bernard (Jean L'Italien), the “perfect” spouse of her best friend, Virginie (Chantal Fontaine). Anne Dorval had played in the series for six years and left it in 2002.

  • Criquette and Ashley Rockwell, “The Heart Has Its Reasons” (2005-2007)

If we doubted the immense comic talent of Anne Dorval, her performance in the skin of the twins Criquette and Ashley, of “Heart has its reasons”, had something to convince the most skeptics. Author Marc Brunet's satire of sometimes ridiculous American “soaps”, like “The Young and the Restless”, also crystallized the complicity of Dorval and his great accomplice Marc Labrèche, interpreter of the twins Brad and Brett (and Brenda, and Clifford …) Montgomery. Whether it is showing off their prominent breasts, slapping or throwing poor servant Madge (Michèle Deslauriers) into the Christmas tree or deploring an “abindin d'Infint” (“child abandonment”), Criquette and Ashley always knew how to make us laugh. Criquette Rockwell did us the honor of a short resurrection on the show “It's going to be fine”, last May, by reading extracts from his containment diary.

  • Natalie Rivard, “Les Parent” (2008-2016)

While watching “Chambres en ville” on Unis TV, you may see advertisements for “Parent”, a comedy also rebroadcast on the same antenna. In the sketches imagined by screenwriter Jacques Davidts and his team of authors, broadcast for eight years on Radio-Canada, Anne Dorval became Natalie, a very modern mother, with kidneys strong enough to manage without to miss the exhausting daily life with his three boys, Thomas (Joey Scarpellino), Olivier (Raphaël Grenier-Benoît) and Zacharie (Louis-Philippe Beauchamp) and their dad, Louis-Paul (Daniel Brière), sometimes just as immature as his offspring . Funny, endearing, loving, Natalie had seen others and was able to take some, but was rarely fooled!

  • Jessica, “Léo” (2018)

What good advice, this Jessica a bit badly shouted out, hairdresser of Walton, able to lavish love opinions on Léo (Fabien Cloutier) and berate the turbulent little Kéven (Elliot Léonard) in the same breath, in ” Leo ”. It's partly thanks to Jessica if Leo decided to take charge by finding a job and a girlfriend. Jessica is eclipsed in the second season of Fabien Cloutier's comedy, replaced by the no less irresistible Chantale (Sandrine Bisson), but we want to see her return in the sequel to “Léo”.

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