Anne Guérette is considering a new tax on Airbnb

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
The head of Democracy Quebec, Anne Guérette, believes that it is necessary to negotiate directly with digital platforms to ensure compliance with municipal regulations.

The candidate to the city hall of Quebec Anne Guerrette’s dream to impose an extra tax to people who rent their apartment through the platform, Airbnb and intends to negotiate directly with the multinational to ensure that the law is respected.


“Let’s assume that I make $ 350 per month because I rent my house. […] Instead of having a $ 350, let’s say that I have 250 and I gives 100 to the municipality, I don’t have a problem with it. For me, it’s fortified and the town is enriched, ” said the candidate to the city council in interview editorial with The Duty.


Mrs. Guerrette has evoked such a tax when The Duty asked him to say where she would go to seek new revenues for the City to finance its projects. “We’re going to cut spending, then we will also look at the income side. I think for example of all the accommodation illegal : it will be necessary that we rule it, that folder. There’s all of the collaborative economy. where people can go and look things up. “



The head of Democracy Quebec adds that it is necessary to negotiate ” directly with digital platforms “. “It is necessary to bargain with Airbnb, Home Away, it is necessary to negotiate with these players directly. It is they who will be responsible for ensuring that each person who does business with their platform complies with the framework that the City will put. “

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Such a tax, she indicated, would be in addition to the lodging tax that is collected by the government of Quebec. The head of Democracy in Quebec, however, was not able to say how much the City could reap. Also remains as to whether the City may do so under the laws in force which limit the ability of municipalities to impose new taxes.


In the dark regarding property taxes


In the finance chapter of the City, the candidate seemed confused when The Duty asked her if she intended to freeze the property taxes of the individuals or the lower. “Yes, it was announced… That is what has been announced thus… a freeze or a decrease ? Uhh… […] I have as a white. It is a gel or a decline “, she hesitated before remembering that there would be ” no increase “.


On the question of transport, Ms. Guérette argues that his plan is ” very clear “, even if its position on the third link remains to be defined.


“The third link, if one day there is a troisièmelien to Quebec, this will certainly not be before 10 years, even 15, and may never be,” said the politician who is campaigning for the launch of the short term project of a tramway. “We’re ready for this project “, she said about the line that she wishes to place between Sainte-Foy and Old Québec.


With a copy of the book For cities with a human scale by Jan Gehl, posed in front of it, the leader of Democracy in Quebec has defended the idea of a ” project of society “, to ” create living environments for all “.

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When asked about if she was “in the wrong city” to defend such ideas, the candidate has had a moment of emotion. “I’m not in the wrong city. I’m in the city where I was born, where I grew up, the city that I love above all. […] Quebec, this is my home. It is here that I want to contribute to make good decisions to make it grow, that city, to expand it and then bequeath it to my children, ” she dropped.


Ikea under earth


Throughout the interview, Ms. Guérette has repeated that it was ” close to people “, “closer to his world” and ” connected population “. When it was pointed out that a recent outing against the highly popular Ikea could give the impression to the contrary, it is defended to want to the company itself. “Do you really think that I don’t want to know anything about Ikea ? […] The problem, this is not Ikea, this is the centropolis, “she said, speaking of the planned development around the store, and the logic of the” power centers “.


Quebec, she said, would have been able to take inspiration from the city of Utrecht, in the netherlands, where we built an Ikea “underground,” with, above, of the soccer fields.