Anne Hidalgo and Arnaud Montebourg each create their own movement

    Anne Hidalgo and Arnaud Montebourg each create their own movement

    The socialist mayor of Paris and the former Minister of the Economy of François Hollande both take a step closer to a presidential candidacy.

    Behind the scenes, Anne Hidalgo and Arnaud Montebourg are accelerating. The two, who no longer hide their temptation for the presidential election, have each started to shape their own movement, as revealed on Monday, January 11 The Parisian . The socialist mayor of Paris will launch in ten days a “Platform of ideas”, called “Ideas in common”. Its goal “Is to contribute to a social and environmental left project for 2022”, explained to AFP his first deputy, Emmanuel Grégoire, who will pilot this platform.

    “A path is now underway”

    However, this should not be seen as an officialization of his candidacy. In an interview with JDD Sunday, Anne Hidalgo simply confirmed that she would take “His whole share” during the presidential election. For a long time, however, the Socialist assured that she would not leave the Town Hall. “A path is now set and, since September, the political context has changed. A demand for union and unification of the left has taken shape. And Anne is one of the personalities who can embody both continuity and surpassing ”, explained Emmanuel Grégoire to Parisian. The first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure, is more than favorable. Guest on Radio J on Sunday, he claimed that Anne Hidalgo would do “An excellent candidate”.

    For his part, Arnaud Montebourg told him in an interview with Point Saturday he would say “Within a few months” whether or not he is a presidential candidate. In the meantime, the former Minister of the Economy of François Hollande is getting organized. His relatives announced to AFP on Sunday the creation of a new party: “The engagement” – which is also the title of his book published in November. “Fifty” of people are working on the establishment of the party whose objective is “To support the candidacy of Arnaud Montebourg” and address all French people “Beyond the left”, explains to AFP its president, Valentin Przyluski, former adviser to Arnaud Montebourg when he was in Bercy. Suffice to say that the suspense is thin …

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