“Anne’s war”: a film about a great tragedy without a single shot

«Война Анны»: фильм о большой трагедии без единого выстрела

“Anne’s war” by Alexei Fedorchenko is probably the most unusual picture about the war in recent years and maybe over the last decade, reports “WORLD 24”. A film about the war in which no one shot and no battle scenes. But there is a horror that has survived the main character, Anna. During the war her whole family is killed during a mass shooting. More than two years, the girl hiding from the Nazis in the commandant’s office, or rather in the fireplace.

According to the Director Alexey Fedorchenko, the story he read many years ago on the Internet. Six year old girl hiding a few months in the building of the commandant’s office in Poltava. Read and forgotten, until I saw a photo of a young actress – Marta Kozlova. Then he took the script, the film received a rather short – only 75 minutes. But all the while the action keeps the audience in suspense.

Play Martha Gantry jury of the award “Nika”, and the efforts of Director Alexei Fedorchenko – members of the National Academy, which awarded him “Golden eagle.” Following the professionals, you can now evaluate the picture can ordinary viewers. By the way, a portion of their earnings from hire will go to charity.