Annie-Soleil Proteau in Huguette against the COVID

Annie-Soleil Proteau en Huguette contre la COVID

Host Annie-Soleil Proteau has been a huge blow of heart for the series It is like that that I love you, on HERE TOU.TV these past few weeks. “I so loved that I have looked at it four times to the full !” she said.

And since the character of Huguette, played by Marilyn Castonguay, has already become a cult, Annie-Sun is improvised a little costume in honor of his serial killer favorite.

“I no longer go out without my dish gloves nor my machine gun to soap. Except that me, this is not for my criminal organization : it is for my organization against the COVID ! (laughter) “

Apart from this series, the presenter has also benefited from recent days to review Blue Moon to VAT.

“I’m a fan of finite Luc Dionne and stories of the secret service, so I was glad to review this series. The heart stops me often, and intrigue make me fall down of my Lay-Z-Boy. It is the high-flying. “

She also devoured 2000 Project, the series co-written by the comedian Julien Lacroix and available on HERE TOU.TV. “This is the story of four teens who live 1999 as if there was no tomorrow. I laughed so hard ! And I’m known. “

In his other crushes, cultural, she cites the film Mafia Inc. (” a great success “), the podcast I like Hydro (” a true suspense “) and the album Fire, of Laurence Nerbonne (” it gives me energy “).

Help the CHSLD

Confined at home alone with his dog Rene (” it is not the most chatting, but it is very cute “), Annie-Soleil is currently separated from her spouse, the member Pascal Bérubé, who is in confinement in Matane.

A few days ago, the facilitator asked to do volunteer work with seniors who are in NURSING homes and their families. “I had made the request and I received a positive response from the government, she said. I turned the heart upside down, this is going to be in there, and I want to help as best as I can. “

However, it may not work inside of NURSING homes, because it is not trained as a health worker. “The CIUSSS (integrated Center for academic health and social services) is in the process of me preparing a plan. I’m going to start my volunteer work soon, ” she said.

Being a night owl (” I go to bed at impossible hours, I am completely out of it in time ! “), Annie-Soleil tries to take the news of his family regularly. The facilitator is also continuing its work at Salut Bonjour Week-end, in addition to a floor on another project tele.

Suggestions for Annie-Soleil

Tv series

  • Blue Moon
  • It is like that that I love you

Music Albums

  • My mammal favorite, Just Robert
  • Fire, Laurence Nerbonne
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