Annie-Soleil Proteau: love at a distance

Annie-Soleil Proteau: l’amour à distance

Because of the restrictions related to the pandemic, Annie-Soleil Proteau and Pascal Bérubé has not seen for several months. Recently, the cultural reporter and the politician, in a relationship for seven years, have been able to share a weekend together. Since then, they live their love far away eyes… but not of the heart.

Annie-Sun, you have been separated from your lover, Pascal Bérubé, due to the pandemic. How long have you not seen?

Almost three months from 9 march to 5 June. We could not. The government would say: we had to avoid the displacement of non-essential between the regions. Me, I live in Montreal, and Pascal, as the member for Matane-Matapédia, is based in Matane. He is also the head of the third opposition group and he went to Quebec during parliamentary work, but he did not travel that were not essential.

You preached by example, sort of.

Yes, because, given its functions, the inverse would not have been a good idea. We could not act against the instructions of government, which are legitimate. All the more that the region of Bas-Saint-Laurent is very little affected by the COVID-19, while I live in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, a neighbourhood that was considered among the hottest. It would therefore have been completely irresponsible on my part to go there.

Not being able to see there not all the same been difficult?

I would say that I have the chance to be someone who does not get bored a lot in life. I have spent a great part of my childhood at my grandparents, and I could go through very long periods of time without seeing my parents. But it is sure that I was excited to see my boyfriend!

How to stay in touch?

We send text messages, full emails. We were talking on the phone several times a day. What furthermore, we continue to do so. We have been fortunate to be able to continue working. Otherwise, we probably would have found the time long! In this moment, I am especially grateful to continue to work. I no longer go to Quebec for Hi, Helloas I do my interventions now of Montreal, that leaves me more time. I take the opportunity to develop projects.

You have finally reviewed Pascal in Montreal at the beginning of June, the work having brought him there. Your reunion occurred as you wanted to?

I was wondering if there would be bridges to rebuild, since we had not had physical contact for three months. Finally, no, it was resumed as before the 9 march. It is still political activity over political activity. (“laughter”)

Were you feverish at the idea of seeing you again?

Yes! When he sent me a text to let me know that it would arrive 20 minutes later, I really began to feel nervous.

Your conversations have changed since the beginning of the pandemic?

No, brew ideas together, this is one of the strengths of our couple. We comment on a lot of news, we have a lot of opinions about everything and we do not share always. The press of François Legault, we décortiquons each of our side, and we shared with each other. All areas of the news will fuel our discussions. I speak to him also of my projects for the tv and the radio, him, his projects into policy. It has always been the nature of our conversations. These are not jobs that we have, it is our essence, and it feeds constantly. I also find it very nice to have found someone, which I do not begrudge my use of the time non-conventional, or the fact that I am constantly thinking about my work.

With the new virus, we are all a little in front of the unknown. It makes you afraid?

I’m not afraid for myself, but for the spouse of my mother, for example, or even for my father, 65 years of age who is healthy but who has a mind very rebellious. I had the impression that during the first two weeks, he made me pay for my long crisis of adolescence. (“laughter”) I had to convince him to deliver his grocery store rather than go there himself. That this was not the time to go open the cottage, or out on the bike. I had the impression of him to speak like him when I was 16 years old, but he finally understood the seriousness and the extent of the crisis.

What looked like your teenager?

I started out in the bars for 13 years with fake cards. I liked to party. I have accumulated a lot of absences at the end of my secondary school but I’ve always managed easily to school, I had 95% everywhere. I could go home at 4 o’clock in the morning. I had a great need of freedom, emancipate myself. My parents have done a lot of fees; they are particularly much worried.

Until what age did you celebrate?

It is stretched beyond adolescence. What I liked above all, it was dancing, and I could go six nights a week. But, at one point, I started dating someone seriously, and he, the dancing and the bars will tell him absolutely nothing.

And after that, how do you see your life as a couple this summer?

I have no idea. During the summer, Pascal will surely be called to return to Montreal in the course of his work, and we will see you at this time.


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