Anniversary brain-dead. Who will benefit from the rift in NATO

Юбилей с умершим мозгом. Кто выиграет от разлада в НАТО

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The leaders of the Alliance, which, in the words of Emmanuel Macron, “death of the brain,” will discuss the burning issues. Will it be possible to maintain a festive atmosphere on the summit, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of NATO, it is difficult to say. Contradictions have accumulated so much that the event just in case spend away from prying eyes — 30 kilometers from Central London. Do not turn the anniversary commemoration, understood to RIA Novosti.

Brain-dead sixties

“Located on three hundred acres of picturesque countryside in Hertfordshire resort The Grove is a first — class five-star vacation” as advertised on the official website of the hotel is 28 kilometers from Central London, which will bring together the leaders of the NATO countries.Offers the best spas, Golf courses and restaurants. However, most likely, for entertainment time will not remain — problems have accumulated a lot, and they should, if not solve, then at least to discuss.”Europe stands on the brink of the abyss”, — said earlier the French leader Emmanuel macron, noting that the EU’s time to perceive themselves not only as economic but also as geopolitical force, otherwise you can “lose control of your own destiny”.He also questioned the fifth article of the NATO Charter according to which “an armed attack against one or more allies in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack on the bloc as a whole.” For 70 years this provision was applied once — after the terrorist attacks on the US in 2001.

Юбилей с умершим мозгом. Кто выиграет от разлада в НАТО

© REUTERS / Charles Platiau/President of France Emmanuel macron and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the Allies hotly objected to Makron: the Alliance is still viable. Nevertheless, understand that there are plenty of difficulties.”Summit anniversary, but it not only helped to iron out serious disagreements, on the contrary, they took a very acute form,” — said in a conversation with RIA Novosti, Dmitry Danilov, Professor, MGIMO, head of European security Department Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences.The issues raised demand basic answers. At a recent meeting of NATO Ministers in Brussels on the statements of the Macron responded very vague, said Danilov.

Unthinkable on the anniversary

In an interview with the British edition of The Economist Makron also criticized the main TRANS-Atlantic partner Europe, the United States. According to him, the Alliance exists only because of the “guarantor of last resort.” “We need to reevaluate the realities of NATO in the light (doubtful. — Approx. ed.), commitment to Alliance, the United States,” he said.The head of the Fifth Republic was remembered how Donald trump last year nearly derailed the summit collapsed to the partners with the criticism about defense spending. And then threatened to withdraw from the organization.Us media, citing Pentagon sources reported that trump is going to reduce the contributions to the budget of the Alliance from 22 to 16 percent. The savings will be allocated to help Georgia and Ukraine, which, however, corresponds to the interests of the unit.

Юбилей с умершим мозгом. Кто выиграет от разлада в НАТО

© RIA Novosti / Alexei vitvitskiy/President of the United States Donald trump at the NATO summitAnd yet, according to Macron, the trump is the first American leader who do not share the idea of a “European project”. And all this, he said, occurs when Europe confronts the rise of China, the turn to authoritarianism in Russia and Turkey, and domestic instability. It was unthinkable five years ago, lamented the Makron.Unity is increasingly in question, and the Alliance as an organization providing security, goes into oblivion, said to RIA Novosti, Natalia Eremina, doctor of political Sciences, Professor of St. Petersburg state University.”On the one hand, NATO remains as the largest military-political bloc in the world, but inside the organization is a place where many different interests, — says the expert. — While there was a definite foreign policy, the geopolitical situation, the confrontation between two ideological camps, the Alliance was a single, no questions about financial support, there was no separation of powers, the undisputed leaders of the United States”. Now everything is different.

The Turkish factor

One of the important topics of the summit — Turkey. Oil poured into the fire of the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He turned to the owner of the Elysee Palace to “you”, questioning the significance of Paris for the organization.”Don’t know what is NATO for France, but Turkey for the Alliance is very important, he said. — Makron declared brain dead NATO. Mr macron, you first check your own brain, because such statements are made only by those who, like you, brain dead.”Pushing claims to NATO, macron had in mind including the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the North-East of Syria, and the actual renunciation of Washington from Kurdish allies in the region. It had been agreed with European partners and provoked the attack of Turkish troops in Northern Syria.

Юбилей с умершим мозгом. Кто выиграет от разлада в НАТО

© AFP 2019 / Ludovic Marin/President of France Emmanuel macron and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Elysee Palace in ParisIn Ankara in response to the attempts of the allies to prevent the actions of the Turkish army announced that it would not support a plan to protect Poland and the Baltic States from Russia, while Turkey will not be allowed to conduct operations against the Kurds. But what has caused outrage in Washington, the purchase of Russian missile defense systems s-400 instead of the American “Patriots”, is well known.Turkey, according to Dmitry Danilov, is an important site of contention within the organization. “The Turks believed that NATO should fulfill its purpose and to provide for collective defence, bearing in mind the security of all allies, not just the Eastern flank,” he says. Ankara is ready to block the efforts of the Alliance for capacity-building and operational activities in the East.”This is very serious as there are tied many problems: relations with Russia, and the triangle Europe — USA — Turkey, and NATO defence planning, taking into account the fact that Turkey is an indispensable ally,” adds the spokesman, stressing that it is unclear how this knot to untie.

China, space and terrorism

It is expected that the leaders of the member countries of the Alliance recognize the space of the new operational area.This applies not only to the military-technical sphere. The fact is, said Danilov that space systems now and in the future will be provided by the United States. “In light of serious transatlantic contradictions, this decision probably would have meant for Europe even more dependent on the strategy of Washington,” — emphasizes the expert.The rise of China is a strategic question that is not overlooked. The strengthening of the position of Beijing on the world stage concerned with NATO countries on both sides of the Atlantic. The United States has made China as one of the top security threat, while the EU recognized China’s strategic and economic rival.Before the summit he reminded himself and international terrorism. The twenty-ninth of November, on London bridge at the hands of extremist, armed with a knife killed two graduates of Cambridge. – Old killer was convicted of terrorism, but he was paroled a year ago.It would seem that it is possible to unite in combating such a serious threat. However, the combined efforts prevents ideological confrontation with Moscow, said Natalia Eremina.

Russia is still a threat

“It is effectively opposed to Islamic radicalism, particularly in Syria. Willy-nilly, will have to cooperate with a country that poses a threat,” the Agency interlocutor. But the ideological framework that drove NATO, this much in the way.In addition, the block itself has become more heterogeneous. “The Alliance includes countries of the former Soviet bloc with its historical experience, which largely contradicts the ideology of Western Europe,” said Eremin. Such States tend to cooperate more closely with Washington and European leaders, in contrast, want more independence in terms of security.With this view agree Dmitry Danilov. “Ideology does not allow to change the opinion about Russia as a threat, because the solution needs to be shared, including from the point of view of practical cooperation,” he said.

Юбилей с умершим мозгом. Кто выиграет от разлада в НАТО

© Photo : Turkish Defence Ministry/Supply anti-aircraft missile system s-400 to Turkey, the Expert reminds: at the last summit, the us leader has insisted that NATO has joined the anti-terrorist coalition as an organization. And now the French leader says preuvelicheniem Russian threat. There are more serious challenges — the same fight against terrorism. According to Macron, in this case, without Russia it is virtually impossible to interact with.For Moscow the situation is ambiguous. On the one hand, the contradictions contribute to the anti-Russian hysteria. On the other — if the Alliance has problems, so, in some areas, and Russia will become an actor, the main player in the fields of world politics.Sophia Melnychuk

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