Anniversary of the first Maidan

“Spontaneous” uprising of Ukrainian students in October 1990, became the basis and prototype for the two future Maidan.

Годовщина самого первого майдана

Almost no one in Russia speaks about the first Maidan, although 28 years ago, in October 1990, a so-called “Revolution on granite”, which became the basis for many future tragic events of the disintegration of the USSR and Ukraine.

“Wikipedia” reports about this event are dry and glossy, saying that this was “the strongest action since the struggle for independence of Ukraine.” 2 Oct 1990, more than 100 students (the majority from Kiev, Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk) have established a tent city and began a hunger strike on October revolution square (now independence square). In support of strike other educational institutions, protesters blocked traffic, surrounded the Supreme Council and seized the building of the University named after Shevchenko. Student protests were held in regional cities such as Lugansk, Donetsk, Lviv. Under pressure from the “semi public organizations” the government has provided students the opportunity to perform in a live TV broadcast on UT-1 (Central television of the USSR – approx. I. D).”

The authorities not only gave the protesters access to television, but with extraordinary ease granted almost all their separatist and anti-state demands, as if I was waiting for them. Including then was derailed by the signing of a new Union Treaty, conscription of Ukrainians in the army began to occur only on the territory of Ukraine, which broke the all-Union body of the army, was dismissed by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Vitaly Masol, who was relatively Pro-Russian configured for the existence of the Union.

It so happened that I was a Kiev student, so I can say – all was not as liberal broadcasting “Wikipedia”. Yes, it was a really strong promotion of Ukrainian separatists, but it could not, therefore, be no question that it held a “semi-public organisations.” For example, almost no natural support of the action by the Kiev educational institutions was not. This “element” is very well managed by great people who were in the highest party nomenklatura of the USSR.

For example, the faculty of the University, where I studied, was kicked out personally by the Dean of the ambitious and cunning, which without a nod to the rector would never have done. Needless to say, these comrades had in his pocket a membership card and has never been seen in “dirom the Ukrainians.” Eviction of students for the revolution they made in the “voluntary-compulsory” order as before on the may day demonstration. The column of our faculty was led by the Komsomol faculty – even more ambitious than Dean – he later became a banker. It was a native of Eastern Ukraine, by origin – a great. The poor fellow made an effort, but could not write in Ukrainian the name of our institution and nationalist slogans on the posters. I theoretically could to help him, because, being a native Ukrainian, knew how to spell it. But I never had a particular desire to help make a career in the Komsomol, and then just wanted to leave quietly, which I did.

Годовщина самого первого майдана

Are unable, however, to boast that in his then 18 years, I understand the political play taking place. No, the deep essence of what is happening I do not understand, however, realized that any “freedom” there is no question that some big people to drag us into some kind of Grand deception. However, in fairness I must say that our faculty has already been caught and real Ukrainian nationalists, who themselves happily jumped in the center of Kiev. But those were very few. The majority of students was ready to run away from the demonstration, but was afraid of the Dean. By the way, he noticed my departure, something threateningly shouted, but he couldn’t remember my data – had a lot of students.

I know that drove the revolution students from other Kyiv universities. Among the protest group’s “starving” and was a convinced nationalist, but without rounded up on orders over the student masses of the bunch would be miserable and “revolution on granite” would have failed miserably. Moreover, in that period I had the opportunity to talk with one student from the Pedagogical Institute, Drohobych (Lviv oblast), who also participated in the action. He told me that even in the environment of “starving”, many did not hungry and felt really hungry fanatics.

Interestingly, even some active participants in the protests, publicly acknowledged the forced eviction of students. So, in early October 2019 to Soros “the Ukrainian truth” was released great stuff with the memories of the participants of the “revolution”. So, Vakhtang Kipiani, who later became well-known Ukrainian journalist, said: “Even some teachers polupronicaema drove the students to protest.” In fact, they were kicked out, of course, rectors, deans, driven by the higher party nomenklatura of the USSR, which already had plans for secession from the Union center. Just teachers, for such would be instantly fired.

This is confirmed by the statement of another member of the student action. “The idea (of the hunger strike – ed, etc.) we plagiarized the Bulgarians. Our Lvov went to the Komsomol (!) in Bulgaria (in Lviv, then all the polls were already anticosmopolitan, and they successfully captured himself in the Komsomol organization, using their resources)…” – said Mikhail Svistovich.

That is, the asset the first Maidan went to learn from the experience a color revolution, the Komsomol, being a “anticosmopolitan” and capturing the resources of the Komsomol. This is possible only in the case of using the higher party authorities…

Годовщина самого первого майдана

Form of protest is a hunger strike was calculated on the psychology of the Soviet man. Taras Prokhasko, the participant:

“Then was very efficient, all-encompassing Soviet propaganda that showed how fast and strike in the West. So everyone knew that fast only good people. Poor – not starving. So to us, the Soviet people reacted well. All we were sorry, but to maintain a few people in a hurry.”

That’s right: no this idea is not supported, except for students forcibly evicted in a campaign leadership education, and also a small group of fanatical nationalists.

The protesters have committed a lot of offenses, but no one touched what the protesters naively surprised. However, the KGB of the USSR gathered information about the action since its beginning. At that time in the USSR acted debugged over many years of the repressive machine, and if the event was not prevented it is still under discussion by the organizers, so the protesters were very serious backers, which is confirmed by the participants of the “Revolution on granite”…

Oles Dony, a participant shares: “One of the first days we were visited by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Leonid Kravchuk. He showed how open to communication, like Gorbachev, and we were negotiating”.

Notice that after 2-3 years the former ideologist of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Ukraine Kravchuk will be a dollar multimillionaire. And impoverished as a result of his predatory “reform” the population will storm the government buildings. But Kravchuk did not come out either to the poor miners, no teachers and doctors, have lost their savings, jobs and hopes for the future. Therefore, compassionate of the authorities of the USSR, which “suddenly” decided to please some students, hard to be believed…

The last head of the KGB of the USSR Nikolai Golushko, in his memoirs, hinted at what had already been a bow part of the party nomenklatura with Western intelligence agencies. Golushko did not want to be “square” and went to work in Moscow, so I think personally he had the desire to stop the chaos of separatism and nationalism, but it was not possible. This prevented local nomenklatura, and Moscow. The last was going to take the national Republic to the West and to deal with sharing a huge state property of the RSFSR. In the KGB of the USSR a significant part of the apparatus the time has long closed with separatist part of the Communist and nationalist underground, tied to Western intelligence agencies. Therefore, the apparatchiks of the KGB then perfectly blended mode Kravchuk, the first Deputy head of the KGB of the USSR Yevhen Marchuk soon became Prime Minister.

“A good example of the onslaught of foreign intelligence services is statistics: in 1990, the complex in the operational environment of the Lviv region was visited by 109 installed foreign spies (!)… … We are not sitting idly by. However, our efforts and the results achieved were of a purely local character. The capture red-handed of the agents and emissaries of foreign intelligence services even if the immediate conduct their subversive actions required the approval of higher authorities in Moscow. The suppression of subversive activities of foreign citizens in most cases are not sanctioned under the pretext of securing major international events… – posted Golushko. – The situation in the country escalated, every day threatened a government crisis. As a result of planned acts of provocation and with the direct support of the protesters Kravchuk has made the resignation of Prime Minister Masol, which encouraged nationalist elements to demands for more concessions from the authorities… Tent camping using Portable Camp Hammocks was a new form of protest, which was applied against the existing government only in Ukraine.”

However, even the nationalists admitted that their ideas of Ukrainian independence almost nobody shared. Michael Svistovich: “…we are in the minority <…> but people have started to think about the independence of Ukraine, although previously, few people could come to a head“.

Годовщина самого первого майдана

March 17, 1991 was held all-Union referendum, fully confirmed this opinion of the separatists. For the preservation of the Union voted to 70.2 % of the population of the USSR. Yes, in December of the same year, the Republican nomenklatura pulled from the public consent to secede from the Union. But it was done with the help of massive fraud and direct fraud: it was said that the vote for independence goes through “the implementation of the Declaration on state sovereignty of Ukraine”, and in it there was a speech only about the rights of the Ukrainian SSR within the Union.

The authorities of the USSR constantly like “made concessions” to the nationalist minority, in fact, covering it with the Fig leaf of their separatist ambitions. And this led first to the tragedy of the gap with the rest of Russia, impoverishment, and then – to the extreme dependence of Ukraine from the yoke of the Western oligarchy, then to civil war.

So, on the first independence of Ukraine was run-model “color revolution”, where Directors from the Pro-Western part of the top arrange “popular uprising”, forcing through a political spectacle all more or less Pro-Russian politicians. The other two of the Maidan were done on the same pattern, only more subtly, under the guise of a network of “public” organizations and religious denominations.

In the middle of zero is ripe and Uniate mass sectarian organisations, “human rights”, a large movement of football fans, fully controlled by the oligarchy and the US state Department. But in 1990, such structures was in its infancy, and the authorities had to simulate a “spontaneous uprising of students” as the only mobile force that can be relatively easy to take to the streets and provide for “public outburst of the Ukrainian patriots”. And later the Maidan Pro-Western authorities through tweaks paralyzed the healthy part of the power structures, forcing it to remain idle. At that time there was no Internet and social networking, so had to give access to the extras the show on TV. Also involved was a manipulative technology to create visibility of the unity of the regions of Ukraine in the Pro-Western vector: to guide the “Revolution on granite” was created by a triumvirate of co – chairs from Lviv, Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk. Although it is actually only in Lviv public support for the rallies were more or less serious character.

Also it was then that the revolutionaries took fashion to wail about “anti-corruption”, and after such cries usually been its repeated reinforcement. So when I hear this voice now hysterical Moscow Maidan, similar repeatedly convicted Navalny, then I just have one thought: these people are not unhappy with the corruption, and the fact that they are not included in its schema. After winning the “granite revolution” in her nomenclature leaders immediately went upstairs and later began to steal on a very large scale. The same Paul Rozenko later became Deputy Minister of labour under Yushchenko and Vice-Premier in the government of Groisman and began to steal on a massive scale. Incidentally, he is the grandson of Peter Rozenko, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Other organizers also went up. Oles Doniy, also from partnomenklaturnoy family, became a member of several parliaments, and Oleg Tyagnibok one time was the head of a parliamentary faction, actively participating in various corruption schemes.

However you should not put a stigma on all who then succumbed to the propaganda, people can change in a positive direction. Was activists who then realized the harmfulness of Pro-Western course of Ukraine, for example, a well-known journalist Ruslan kotsaba, who even served at Poroshenko for opposing the bloodshed in the Donbass. As they say, when the Ukrainian grows wiser, he becomes Russian. Or at least Pro-Russian.Igor Druz

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