Annoying Russian tourists come to Georgia, even when the “closed skies”

Настырные российские туристы добираются до Грузии даже при «закрытом небе»

Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned air travel to Georgia after the riots in Tbilisi. But even after the abolition of the air travel Georgia remains open to Russian tourists. However, to reach the country will not be easy.

The first option is to drive your own car. The road from Moscow to Batumi coast is two thousand miles. Travel time – two or three days. Will have to make overnight stops. In Russia, the path runs along the Federal highway M-4 “don”. It is considered one of the busiest and most dangerous in the country. Well, cut the Georgian Military highway – is the lack of asphalt and serpentine.

To Batumi you can also get on the water. From port of Sochi from the beginning of June until end of September runs hydrofoil. The journey time will be five to six hours. But flights can be cancelled due to bad weather. The fare one way is 6.5 thousand rubles.

Georgian hoteliers are ready to organize for the Russian tourists a free Shuttle from a number of nearby airports in other countries, where there are direct flights.

Yerevan airport way 500 kilometers by bus with stops will take about nine hours. Automobile road passes through mountain ranges, and therefore, though beautiful, but not the most comfortable.

From the Turkish city of Trabzon distance to the Georgian coastline of 200 kilometers. At four o’clock in the path need to add more time for passing the border control.

There is a way and for the most stubborn. Hoteliers offer free shuttles run to and from Baku. However, have to overcome almost a thousand kilometers. The bus will go day. Of course, the road is a bit tedious. But there is the opportunity to see several countries.