Another breach of protocol for the Raiders?

Another breach of protocol for the Raiders?

The Las Vegas Raiders are said to have given access to the locker room that was not allowed under COVID-19 protocol, so the team is under an NFL investigation.

At least that's what ESPN reported on Sunday morning. A training employee is said to have entered the room without permission after the 34-24 victory over the New Orleans Saints last Monday. The offending employee allegedly dodged security checks to sneak into the locker room.

Only 40 employees per team have access to the locker room this season, besides the players. Coaches, physical trainers, medical staff, equipment managers, the general manager, a security employee and finally a public relations officer may be admitted.

The Raiders have already been sanctioned by the circuit after the second week of campaign activity. Jon Gruden and the club were fined $ 100,000 and $ 250,000, respectively, after the head coach repeatedly removed his mask against the Saints.

The Raiders were scheduled to face the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon.

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