Another driver nears death on his way to the Islands

Another driver nears death on his way to the Islands

Another disaster was narrowly avoided in the corridor giving access to the Magdalen Islands, when a 21-year-old Madelinot was involved in a serious sheer after falling asleep at the wheel on Saturday night in yesterday.

Having left Quebec, François Harvey was heading for Souris, Prince Edward Island, to take the ferry that was to bring him back to his native archipelago following a trip for work.

However, a short pre-start rest was not enough to refuel. Despite the complete ban on stops in New Brunswick territory, the young motorist has resolved to stop clandestinely to regain his strength.

“Twice, I took the chance to stop in a corner, sleep an hour and start again. They warn us not to do it, but I did it anyway, ”he says, pleading the urgency of rest to cut down the grueling dozen hour commute.

Violent exit from the road

However, these two short snaps were not enough. “Suddenly, my eyes closed and I went over the guardrail. I found myself in the field, I pulled up two or three trees with my truck. I did a few barrels before going down to the bottom of the canal, ”he said a few hours after the accident.

The result: the van is a total loss. Fortunately, François Harvey got away with it, except for a few cuts caused by shards of glass.


This accident occurs almost three months to the day after a couple from Quebec came close to death on the same route. The two fifties had collided with a moose in the dark near Fredericton. An outcry of elected officials from the Madelinot ensued, they who demanded a relaxation of the requirements of passage to New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, for example by establishing designated hotels for interprovincial transit.

Despite these calls to action, “no request has been made” for neighboring provinces, deplores the PQ member for the Magdalen Islands, Joël Arseneau.

“I'm afraid the day I'll get a call telling me the worst has happened. […] We put the population at risk by not implementing very simple solutions, ”he broods, citing another accident involving a family van that occurred a month ago.

With the tourist season now over, it is the Madelinots' essential trips that are the only ones affected by these persistent restrictions, adds Mr. Arseneau.

” It's ridiculous. We are in the same country. Measurements are fine and we have to be careful, but there are limits. It's putting people's lives in danger, ”François Harvey seconded.

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