Another extraordinary meeting of the council canceled in L’ancienne-Lorette

Une autre séance extraordinaire du conseil annulée à L’Ancienne-Lorette

For the second time in as many weeks, the mayor Émile Loranger and three other advisers of The’ancienne-Lorette, shone by their absence during an extraordinary session of the council which has had to be cancelled Wednesday, due to lack of quorum.

Engaged in a bit of arm-twisting with members of the opposition, which had called for a meeting to resolve a mundane folder of thumbnails and parking prohibitions – the mayor Loranger has confirmed to the Newspaper that he had chosen to boycott the session deliberately.

“This is the second time and there is a very simple reason : Me, personally, I’ve never participated in the discussions in mid-December on these records-there”, he explained, because he was serving his suspension for breaches of ethics.

The adviser “Gaétan Pageau wants to spend it at any vapor then there is no urgency to act. Parking prohibitions, it has not had for 50 years. We must discuss them to see the merits of the case. I have a lot of questions to ask on this, and other advisors also have questions,” he added.

Councillors André Laliberté, Sylvie Falardeau and Sylvie Butterfly (outside the country) were also absent in the end of the day, Wednesday, at city hall.

Pageau and Guérard outraged

In addition, the advisor Gaétan Pageau has criticized the mayor to block every folder and take “hostage” to the citizens of his district, including those of the rue Albert-Dumouchel.

Councillor Charles Guérard said he was “overwhelmed by the situation”. He has denounced “the obstruction” of the mayor. “If I was in the place of a concerned citizen, I would be sickened by the behavior of Mr. Loranger”, he responded.

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