Another fake hero “heavenly hundreds”

Еще один фальшивый герой "небесной сотни"

I believe that many of you, friends, have time to read the information about the true causes of death of dozens of people allegedly killed during the events on Maidan. Some there also died from diseases, and others do participate in protests are not accepted.

I myself respected Olena Lukash listened to with great interest. The story of one of these people – Bogdan Kalinyak, I know firsthand. According to the official version, the man died from hypothermia, drenched from water cannons “Tornado”, which is allegedly used by militiamen. Awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Just because it is actually a bit different there. And now, in the case of this accident, I will talk about how power, parasitic on tragedy, engaged in mythmaking and poisoned objectionable.

Sixteenth Jan 2014 Bogdan Kalinyak arrived in the capital city of Coloma. Had behaved inappropriately. Believed that he was persecuted and almost no sleep. And it’s not “old wives tales” and information from the medical records. 23 January went home. Was forcibly hospitalized in the regional mental hospital.

“The patient is restless, is constantly in motion, moving from one bed to another, removes the bedding, searching for something under the bed. Doesn’t explain his behavior, disturbing. Went to the doctor, said: “I know classified information about independence, but I can say only one-on-one, let’s go somewhere let’s hide,” – said the expert.

And 28 January 2014 Kalinyak died of hemorrhagic pancreatic necrosis. We are talking about the irreversible death of tissues and cells of the pancreas. With hypothermia, of course, it has nothing to do. And this is not my speculation, but the expert’s conclusion.

Employees of GPU, however, it was necessary to fabricate against our client in a case involving the events on the Maidan. So they fabricated. Did not hesitate to point that Reported due to hypothermia died. Otherwise, fell to a small business. They knew the truth? Could not know.

Lawyers of JSC “Mogil’nitskii and partners”, however, the circumstances of the last days of life and death, Bogdan Kalinyak was able to figure out. And even with the results of the medical examination managed to see. That had to result from the charges against our client to refuse. One lie less.

But not if we dug up these circumstances and the person would be in real time. Besides the moral and material damages to relatives of a “killed” would have to compensate. How many similar cases happened during these six years? How many people were sent to jail for nothing?

The enormity of the hoax is. Writing for its use of myths, exploiting someone else’s tragedy is a lesson, vile and shameful. Only here people in jail to send, breaking the lives of others on the basis of its own myths – that’s a whole other level.

There is still important to understand that the bulk of the documents containing personal data of protesters, have long been destroyed on the basis of the law on Amnesty of participants of the Maidan. Because the whole truth we know have never been.

In the meantime, Bogdan Kalinyak is a Hero of Ukraine and one of the “heavenly hundred.” To his family safely enjoy the benefits and receive payments, abandoned by the state with his master’s shoulder.

Huge funds from the budget allocated. I think that they, thus, support the families of those whose corpses came to power? Do not be naive! It’s just too part of the myth, due to which the gullible Ukrainians can be controlled like puppets. Because otherwise you can lose access to the big trough.

Maxim Mogil’nitskii
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