Another good reason to exercise today

Ще одна вагома причина займатися спортом уже сьогодні

Physical exercises have a positive effect on memory
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Researchers from Canada have concluded that new motor skills are remembered faster if after reviewing them to exercise for 15 minutes.

This discovery will help in the rehabilitation of people who suffered an injury or suffered a stroke. Scientists conducted an experiment, which was attended by 25 people. The volunteers performed two different tasks.

The first task was to control a moving cursor between the geometric shapes on the computer screen. Participants ran it with the help of dynamometer. The intensity of the pressing device depended on raising the height of the cursor. After this part the participants were engaged in physical activity, and some just rested.

During the first part of the study scientists using special equipment determined by the brain activity of human test subjects. After 30-90 minutes, all the volunteers did a short version of the first job. They several times pressed the dynamometer to touch the cursor to some geometric shapes. After 8 and 24 hours, the volunteers again completed the first task.

Ще одна вагома причина займатися спортом уже сьогодні

To achieve the desired effect enough 15-minute lesson / pixabay

It turned out that the people who were doing the exercises, to effectively cope with the tasks without much effort was able to repeat them. Volunteers who had a passive holding time after the task were less effective.

It can be concluded that the brain remembers better skills if after reviewing them to do physical exercise. This study demonstrates the great benefits of physical activity not only for body but also for cognitive abilities.

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