Another President was jailed for corruption!

Began to serve his sentence former Brazilian President Luiz inácio Lula da Silva.

Ще одного президента посадили за корупцію!

Luiz inácio Lula da Silva was transferred to the prison where he will serve his sentence for corruption. According to the court verdict, in prison he will have to spend 12 years, reports Rus.Media.

This is not the first time the 72-year-old former President was in prison. Previously he was sentenced to as a political activist.

In January of this year, considering the appeal against sentence, the court increased the term of the accused (from 9 to 12 years). Under the law, if the court of second instance approved the sentence, a national of Brazil loses the ability to hold elective office.

Ще одного президента посадили за корупцію!

But despite this fact, statistically, da Silva remains the leader of presidential race: in the first round for him ready to vote a third of voters. If a politician would come out in the second round, it would cost any candidate, according to Reuters.

Da Silva was given a separate chamber 5 by 3 metres with a private toilet and shower. There is no comparison to the conditions of other prisoners.

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