Another shocking revelation. What Kolomoisky told reporters

Очередные шокирующие откровения. О чем Коломойский рассказал журналистам

© screenshot from a video of “Radio Svoboda” , the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky gave comments to the American edition of The New York Times, making several shocking statements. Kolomoisky is in favour of friendship with Russia, backed by multi-billion dollar loan, and much drugoe Wednesday, November 13, the American edition of the New York Times published an extensive article, which consists mostly of comments, which gave the edition of the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. This material cannot be called an interview, but rather statements Kolomoisky for one problem or another.

Some of the statements quite resonant. Edition that said Kolomoisky Americans.Who is to blame

One of the hallmarks of Kolomoisky is its fearlessness in the face of journalists. Sometimes it seems that the oligarch frankly don’t care how it portrayed the media. He did not spare the journalists, and sometimes behave very arrogantly. So, the first remark to the American journalists, was quite harsh. Kolomoisky called for a resumption of relations between Ukraine and Russia.

“They are stronger than us in any way. We have to improve our relationship. People want peace, a good life, they do not want war. And you (Americans. — Ed.) lead us to war, not giving even money in return,” said the oligarch.

He noted that Ukraine has already understood that the EU and NATO will never take Ukraine, so Kiev should accept reality and not try to become a member of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance.

“You still don’t accept us. It is useless to waste time on empty talk. While Russia would like to lead us to the new Warsaw Pact”, — said Kolomoisky.

The oligarch said that he still feels no sentiment towards Russia, remembering the mass famine 30-ies of XX century, which accuses Moscow. At the same time, Kolomoisky is sure that the West lost Ukraine, without providing it with adequate funding or not opening their markets enough.

Instead, the West is simply using Ukraine to weaken its geopolitical enemy — Russia.

“War with Russia until the last Ukrainian”, — described the goal of the West experienced an oligarch.

However, he did not get tired to emphasize that is not a supporter of Russia, but simply describes trends in the Ukrainian society.

“Give me five to ten years, and the blood will be forgotten. In 2014, I revealed that I don’t want to be with Russia. But I describe objectively what I see and where this is going,” — said Kolomoisky American journalists.Significantly improve Ukrainian-Russian relations will help money. Here Kolomoisky true to yourself. He believes that if Russia will be able to replace the international monetary Fund with its loans, the cooperation between the two countries will be established.

“We’ll take $100 billion from the Russians. I think they would would be happy to give them to us today.
What is the fastest way to solve the problem and restore the relationship? Only money”, — said Kolomoisky.

As the newspaper notes, “for Mr. Kolomoisky enmity with the U.S. is personal”. The oligarch supposedly believes that he is a target for the FBI.

“Will you shit in your pants and to buy diapers”

As for “Ukrainedate”, here Kolomoisky categorical. He noted that if he were President of Ukraine, he would have continued the investigation against Joe Biden, so tea US President Donald trump. The question would not threaten Ukraine if the presidential election in 2020 was won by the representative of the Democratic party of the United States, Kolomoisky said, Kiev has its levers of pressure on Washington.

“If they (the Democrats. — Ed.) be clever with us, we will go to Russia. Russian tanks will stand in Krakow and Warsaw. So NATO will shit in your pants and buy diapers,” said the oligarch.

American journalists noted that such statements Kolomoisky could threaten President Vladimir Zelensky, who is trying to dissociate itself from the oligarchs and which the opposition suspects the game into the hands of the Kremlin.

This Kolomoisky did not fail to recommend him, saying that working feverishly over how to end the war, but won’t tell the details of this American edition, as the Americans “and spoil everything good.”As for the problem with PrivatBank, Kolomoisky insists he wants to regain the Bank or to obtain payment, and such people as the fifth President Petro Poroshenko, should be punished “and they need to bring back the death penalty.” Kolomoisky said that Zelensky know that the money from the Bank oligarch didn’t steal (the accused Kolomoisky), and said the Ukrainian President “that all want to hear from him”.

Once again Kolomoisky said that he has a hidden influence on the government Zelensky. But, he warned, starting to believe these rumors and is able to bring them to life.

“If I’m wearing glasses, I look at myself as looks at me the rest of the world, I see myself as a monster, master of puppets, master Zelensky, someone who builds the apocalyptic plans. I can put it all into practice”, — said Kolomoisky.

At these words the material on Kolomoisky and ends.

In General, the Ukrainian oligarch once again showed that he is a lover shocking and a master of bargaining. In relations between Ukraine and the United States Kolomoisky, despite the uneven distribution of potentials, is trying to impose on States the Ukrainian rules of the game. It is not surprising that Washington calls this man one of the most dangerous in Ukraine and constantly criticizes him.George Archers

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