Another tile to the creator of the PlexCoin

Autre tuile pour le créateur du PlexCoin

Assailed from all sides by the authorities in order to recover the money obtained in his different adventures in entrepreneurship, the creator of the PlexCoin is now the target of Canada revenue Agency, which asks for nearly$8.8 Million.

The tiles are constantly hit on Dominic Lacroix. The resident of Charlesbourg, canada has recently seen the Canada revenue Agency to file a notice of legal hypothec of 8 784 612 $ against him.

This amount is claimed by the canadian State under the Act of income tax. The sum of$ 8.8 Million, interest is also charged from 31 January.

The document filed to the federal Court noted two properties belonging to Lacroix. In addition to a residence located in the Lac-Saint-Charles, a man of 37 years old owns a luxurious house in Charlesbourg.

However, last December 23, it was the turn of the CIBC Bank to launch procedures to enter the residence due to a monthly mortgage of 8027 $ unpaid for months. The initial loan was$ 1.8 Million. In this case, the owner had sixty days in which to regularise the situation, failing to be expelled.

Legal problems

For more than two and a half years, Dominic Lacroix and his partner, Sabrina Havens, are dealing with legal problems against the Authority of the financial markets. Since then,$ 7 Million of the$ 11 Million that would have been placed in the PlexCoin by investors who were duped were recovered.

In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission also obtained a judgment of$ 7 MILLION US against the couple for having “fraudulently” promoted their cryptomonnaie. In August 2018, Revenu Québec had also undertaken a measure of recovery of 873 000 $ against Lacroix.

The main party pleads that an order blocking prevents access to their accounts and so make any payments.

– With the collaboration of Philippe Langlois

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