Another victory for Kim Boutin in Shanghai

Photo: Jens Meyer, Associated Press
Kim Boutin, following his victory in the 1500 m short track world championships in Dresden in Germany last February

Shanghai — Kim Boutin won the 1000 m in front of Marianne St-Gelais at the world Cup speed skating on short track, Sunday.


Canada also collected bronze in the relay male.


Boutin, of Sherbrooke, and St-Gelais, of Saint-Félicien, have crossed the finish line ahead of Italian Arianna Fontana.


“It is the process behind all of this, which was really interesting, said the gold medallist. I stayed calm and alert in the quarterfinals, and then in the semi-finals, it was a big race. The final was excellent. My goal was to go ahead, but stay patient to see the opportunities, then I’m happy. “


Boutin had won gold in the 500 m Saturday.


“I’m really pleased, said for his part, St-Gelais. The execution was good and I respected the plan of starting that I had given myself. Kim had a very good pace at the end of the race, and then I looked behind to see if there were girls, but there seemed to be no one there, so I didn’t do anything risky. “


The bronze for the men


The relay male, 5000 m, Samuel Girard (Ferland-et-Boilleau), Charles Hamelin (Sainte-Julie), Charle Cournoyer (Boucherville, on) and Pascal Dion (Montreal) have finished behind the American John Celski, John-Henry Krueger, Keith Carroll and Thomas Insuk Hong, as well as the silver medalists, the South Korean Park Se-yeong, Seo Yi-ra, Kwak Yoon-gy and Kim Do-kyoum.


“The Koreans are gone very quickly and it was a little bit surprised, but it is still well suited. We caught up and followed, ” said Girard.


During an exchange between Cournoyer and Dion, the Bouchervillois intended to overcome the Chinese, but contact with it was made to fall and delayed the canadian team.


“Time to leave, we had already one lap behind. After that, we worked well as a team to go up to the third place at the finish, ” explained Girard. A fall, it costs a lot of energy, but we really worked together to gain speed while keeping some energy for the end. “


The women’s relay 3000 m, Canada, represented by Boutin and St-Gelais, another in Quebec, Kasandra Bradette and a Columbian, Jamie Macdonald, has been disqualified by a penalty.


“I hit a girl in the face, this is what has made it so that we had a penalty, said St-Gelais. It still makes mistakes that can be expensive, but as it has a great background and a great team, used to play in this bickering-there, it goes back to always the slope and we managed to position itself in the final laps. “


The South Korean prevailed ahead of China and Italy.


The canadian team will now move to Seoul, South Korea, in view of the next stage of the world Cup, which will begin Thursday.


It will be the fourth and final stage of the season, because the following weeks will be the preparation for the olympic winter Games in February 2018.

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