Another victory for the tree frog against a real estate developer

The western chorus frog, has just won another victory against a real estate developer in the Montérégie region.

The federal Court of appeal confirmed in a judgement delivered on may 15, the validity of the emergency decree adopted in 2016 to protect The Prairie and Saint-Philippe the habitat of the western chorus frog
threatened of extinction.

“This is a clear victory and net for the frog, but also in general for the species in a precarious situation,” stresses Geneviève Paul, executive director of the quebec Centre of the right environment involved in the cause.

The promoter Groupe Maison Candiac has obtained approval from Quebec to build homes even if a portion of the land was in wetlands where live tree frogs chorus. Ottawa had adopted in 2016 an emergency order to protect the ponds where breeds the species, an area of 1.85 km2, which had triggered a chicane on the powers of Ottawa and Quebec.

The Groupe Maison Candiac has made by his lawyer Me Alain Chevrier of Dunton Rainville that he plans to bring the case before the supreme Court.

-With the collaboration of Guillaume St-Pierre

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