Anthony Fauci warns protesters

Anthony Fauci met en garde les manifestants

If it is generally expected that the president who called for calm and respect for the action, this time it is the public health expert who launches a warning to the protesters.

It is a bit the world upside down. While Donald Trump urges protesters to free up some States, democrats who have imposed strict measures of containment, Anthony Fauci has rather preferred to put them on their guard against the fallout of their actions.

Worried, led them to bankruptcy, or simply ill-informed, the protesters want an easing of the containment measures and an economic revival in the shortest possible time in some regions.

If it is true that not all are affected the same way by the spread of the virus, it would be imprudent to accelerate the recovery in the current circumstances. The peak in the number of infections is not yet reached, and there is still an insufficient number of screening tests.

Anthony Fauci recalled that a déconfinement too fast could lead to consequences far more severe than what the country’s economy is facing currently. The return must be progressive and be based on more reliable data than those which are currently available.

The message Fauci is consistent with the recovery plan, in three steps, as presented by the president last week. If he must return to the charge today is that the president was quick to contradict his own plan in a tweet published since then.

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