Anti-people see-the reality of libertarians

Антинародная Зе-реальность либертарианцев

Two months of the new Parliament was enriched by the expert environment of a new political term – legislative activity “in turbo mode”. The parliamentary majority of the team ze makes the laws, that is, packs. With the content analysis do not have time nor the experts, nor politicians. The speed and number of adopted new acts began to alert even the government.

Turbo mode revealed a number of problems for the power team clearly showed the impact of the group. In part, this was clear even at the stage of formation in an emergency mode of the list of “public Servants” in Parliament, recruited from various groups on the principle of satisfaction of all stakeholders. And the fact that there are “servants of the people” periodically there are the classic conflicts of interest – this option is either not counted, or came from what is, and to solve the problem planned only as they arise.

For this reason, perhaps, was to take in an emergency mode, the bills in the hope that this drive will ensure the solidity of the majority for a time. But, as practice showed, already in October, the strategy began to falter. And it’s not just that a number of bills had to be put to a vote more than once, and some even to withdraw from consideration for lack of votes is divided into a “majority.”

Ukraine remains torn on the inside between the groups of oligarchs coupled with external control with his attitude to the country as a purely anti-Russian project. One of the Ukrainian political authorities are not able to please everyone. Was only a temporary Union of one oligarchic groups with overseas curators. And its solidity is determined solely by the anti-Russian direction of the government, the effectiveness of policies aimed at separation from Moscow and the creation of different kinds of problems on the part of Kiev for their Northern neighbor.

But to the end to perform these tasks haven’t worked. Prevented this selfish political and economic interests. The same Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign the Treaty on free trade zone with the EU, as we understand that it will destroy his political rating. And Poroshenko was not able to break ties in the defense, as he earned on alternative schemes, purchasing the missing Russian components through an offshore company-pads.

Vladimir Zelensky was in this case in an even worse position. Having come to power on slogans of peace and improvement of life of the population, with the predominant support of the South-East, it is now necessary within the country to cater to so odious oligarchs like Kolomoisky and Avakov with their armies lured the national-radicals. And in the international arena to comply with the IMF and the collective West using the same “sorozat” in the government and Parliament. In fact, his people he bit. And the rating and the subsequent consolidation of power is already falling.

Choice for V. Zelensky is not so great, but the classic – or, relying on the people to go to the conflict with the West and the oligarchs, or completely to spit on his campaign role as national President and continue the work of predecessors – noose on people’s neck and the classic “get out od Moscow”. Unfortunately, the analysis of the adopted laws suggests that the former comedian in the image of Basil Goloborodko of the beloved series is inclined to the second option (or heavily leaning). Or, even worse, “Sarasate” in government and “oligarhyata” in Parliament, working independently from the President solely at the behest of the true owners.

According to the speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkov, in the first 50 days of its work the new Verkhovna Rada passed 56 laws. A complete analysis of adopted laws within a single publication is not possible. But even the main consideration of laws and draft laws shows an increasingly anti-people character of the elected new government policy.

The world’s media, the government of A. Goncharuk broadcasts of dozens “of bills aimed at modernization of economy and modernization of the state”, about the new rules for the concession of sea ports and infrastructure, natural resources, consumer protection, regulation of securities, the disaggregation of the state oil and gas company and the transition to digital technology in customs clearance…

This is done with one obvious goal – to report on the endeavors and show that, in General, “sorozat” perform tasks assigned to them by the curators. In fact, the Soros unit of government is doing everything possible to prepare large-scale sale of Ukrainian assets to foreign capital. “We have a lot of energy,” said this in an interview with the Financial Times Prime Minister A. Goncharuk. He was echoed by the Minister of Economics and trade T. Milovanov, claiming the “crazy” pace of change in the country. It is responsible for three of the package of economic reforms, the privatization of the remnants of state ownership, the sale of famous Ukrainian chernozems and reform of social and labor relations, the essence of which – the attack on workers ‘ rights. It is given in one hand in order to prevent unnecessary West discussions and failures.

The first who felt the libertarian realities, representatives of small and medium business in Ukraine because of de-industrialization and the related industrial degradation of entire regions engaged in a significant portion of the population. Sometimes in small towns the population is divided primarily (or exclusively) to state employees, retirees, and those who sell them essential goods and services.

The attack on small business began with the adoption in mid-September bills No. 1053-1 and No. 1073, which spelled out the nuances of the universal use of cash registers and financial incentives alert buyers, who will now be encouraged to inform the attorney about such violations. Sellers same will now be severely punished for trading without checks.

These laws have caused outrage among entrepreneurs. They even arranged a protest near the Parliament and the President’s office and threatened the authorities with a new “tax Maidan”, forgetting the fact that the Ukrainian revolt is possible only with the permission and support of the US state Department. The business hoped to solve the issue world and to significantly rewrite the draft for the second reading. But in the end, to achieve substantial relief and failed.“Spelled out in the laws of the initiatives actually undermine the simplified system of taxation… which allows anyone, without any special knowledge to start and run a microbusiness. You kill business initiative, the Foundation of entrepreneurship. By signing these laws, you destroy entrepreneurs created jobs for themselves and their families. Stop killing the simplified taxation!” – said in the appeal of the Union for the protection business to Vladimir Zelensky. Microbially now predict a mass closure of their microbusinesses and the rise in prices of many goods and services in connection with the adopted law.

By the way, for small businesses, this is probably the most bitter experience of disappointment. They gave the most Pro-Western propaganda, believed in the ideals of the two Maidan, hoping for a speedy accession to the EU and indulgence thanks to this notorious Aurora on Ukrainian soil. What libertarians Zelensky for representatives of micro-businesses seemed that those European politicians who will put the country finally in order. That this implies the tightening of fiscal policy, they do not even guessed.

In October, the attack on small business continued with the adoption on second reading and in General bill number 1049 and # 1051, which provides for the establishment of a single account for paying taxes, duties and social contribution. Now all taxes must be paid from a single account through the electronic office of the taxpayer. The system simplifies not only accountability, but also the verification of entrepreneurs. In the framework of these innovations October 2, adopted on first reading bill No. 1208-2 “On the Bureau of financial investigations”. It provides that instead of the current tax police will create brand new authority, the Bureau of financial investigations, which would investigate not only tax, but also all other crimes related to encroachments on public finances.

By the way, small businesses have always been active participants in the color revolutions. And the farther team ze stepping on their rights, the more we will see them drift to the right side, where they are waiting with open arms the national-Nazis from “Azov” and other far-right gangs. They know that on the fingers of one hand can easily explain what is the fault of the team and see what it needs to do.

However, the anti-social offensive just for entrepreneurs the government is not limited. Employees also found themselves on the other side. On 3 October in favour of employers was adopted the bill No. 1233 on amendments to the Code of labour laws. Thanks to this legislative initiative significantly reduced demands on employers for violations of labour legislation.

Now for the admission of the employee to work without issuing an employment contract, making him part-time during execution of work for a full day, payment of wages without incurring fees and single social contribution and taxes of the employer is not fined, but only a written warning. And only if such violation will be repeated within 365 days after the first warning, will be a fine in the amount of 4 minimum wages (currently it is 30).

Also significantly reduced the amount of the fine for non-admission of labour inspectors to check enterprises. The penalty will be applied at the rate of 8 times the minimum wage (currently 100). For failure to comply with the minimum guarantees of remuneration of labour, or simply for the payment of wages below the minimum for a full day, the employer will be fined 2 times the minimum wage (currently 10). If we talk in General about the intentions of the ze team regarding the reform of social and labor relations, laws, sorry – flowers. Bitter berries – the dismantling of the Soviet system of social protection and the consequent complete lack of rights of an employee – found.

Against this background, Ukraine is an ongoing hunt for recipients of government payments. Rather than deal with a fabulous income executives of state-owned companies, multi-million dollar cache of a huge number of officials and deputies for the period 2016-2018, which they keep at home, the new government is increasingly presses on the disadvantaged and the poor.

On 17 October, the Parliament as a whole passed a controversial bill No. 1231, under which will be totally re-examined with incomes of recipients of scholarships, pensions, subsidies and other social assistance. It provides for stringent verification of applicants for budget money. And to be constantly up to information about Bank accounts and expensive purchases. Commenting on this initiative, the government openly admit that aim to minimize a large army of those who helps to survive the state.

The same grantees plan to cut at 400-500 thousand. And this, note, whole households, we are talking at least about 1500000 citizens of Ukraine. Now the inspectors are already allowed to use all personal data on the availability of land, real estate, cars, Bank accounts etc. And if this system will work at full, you will lose a subsidy of a huge number of people receiving official income at the level of the minimum wage.

Characteristically, the course for reducing grantees the power leads in two directions. If verification of income will not lead to the required result, come to the aid of the government the new system of registration and calculation of subsidies, about a third to cut the amount of subsidies. It is noteworthy that a high-profile document on subsidies, the Ministers took note at the weekend – Sunday, October 20.

To cut subsidies was another way – a significant increase in the minimum wage, the size of all calculations. For the population this decision is in some measure mixed the rate of reduction of subsidiesto. There’s an even easier way to reduce tariffs. Especially in the same “Naftogaz” already agreed to the fact that recognized the uneconomic production of domestic gas in view of the sharp decline in prices for natural gas on the world market.

But the government has neither the first nor the second. The draft budget for 2020, adopted by the Parliament in the first reading, no breakthrough, neither in revenues nor in the expenditure not expected. The previously announced five-year plan of the same A. Goncharuk and the draft budget is a totally different documents. First written for advertising. And the second is the harsh reality.

Budget – a separate issue. In terms of legislation defining the political face of the team see, it is worth noting that according to the main Finance bill the following year, recipients of funds from the budget will be scandalous C14 and the “national body” recognized by the organization Freedom House extremist. And this already says it all.

And yet, the new power “turbo mode” churns out anti-social laws, Ukraine again according to the survey GfK you purchaseing Power Europe, a country with the poorest population in Europe. The study notes that the average disposable income after taxes per capita of Ukraine is 1830 euros. In Europe this figure is eight times higher – 14 739. This data is for the year 2019. And from that of the average Ukrainian team ze decided to remove three more skins.

(To be continued)

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