Anti-Ukrainian revolution started in 2014 ends

Антиукраинская революция начатая в 2014 году завершается

Another field notes on the eve of 2020 in recent years

The February 2014 coup in Kiev is a process antagonist the coup of October 1917.

Well, judge for yourself – the Great October revolution brought workers – factories, to peasants – the earth, people – power.

Gave Shame 2014? No, not right! Took Shame 2014?

Workers – factories. Permanently bent Ukrainian (in fact Soviet) industry.

The peasants – the land… the Process is not yet completed, but left a bit, because the Power…

Yes, the power of the people was taken, because this so-called ze-a team of Servants, there is nothing like the mercenaries that perform a specific order, and not the elected representatives of the people. It turned out that mono-most of one, but the largest faction of photographers, the unemployed, journalists, singers and entertainers to contain cheaper than having to pay the coalition of two or three factions, which gathered together the poorest people from all over Ukraine.

The absence of a sovereign for a strong economy – factories. The land which today or tomorrow will legally dispose of anyone, but not the Ukrainian peasants. This is all indicators of a lack of sovereignty and independence, and therefore of the state. Galloped!

But that’s to blame today for what is happening with Ukraine, no one, except the Ukrainians.

Americans, Europeans, Russians, Israelis, Chinese and others has absolutely nothing to do with it. They pursue only their interests when conducting their showdown in Ukraine and through Ukraine.

And they are your own issues because they have their factories and workers, own land and peasants, its power is interested in their factories and employment of their peasants.

From all the above, Ukraine has decided to refuse arranging a Shame in 2014, and in fact, anti-Ukrainian revolution.

I have nothing to congratulate Ukrainians on the eve of 2020.Alexey Kalinichenko

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