Antiquesca reversal of the U.S. Congress

Project Manager WarGonzo about a possible recognition by Congress of the Ukrainian “Azov” terrorist organization.

Антикиевский разворот Конгресса США

photo: rusvesna.erepublikans led by Congressman max rose asked the state Department with the requirement to make the infamous battalion “Azov”* (in fact — has long been the regiment) to the list of banned organizations. In particular, parliamentarians have attributed this odious militia attack on mosque in Christchurch (“the NZ gunner” had contacts with the “Azov”) and other maniacs, killing people, inspired by the idea of “white race”.

The demands and proposals of max rose and thirty-nine congressmen justified and fair. But it definitely can be absolutely disastrous for the current regime in Kiev, which is the result of a coup in February 2014. The fact that the efforts of Poroshenko and the surrounding establishment (which, by the way, the quality is not much different from the environment Zelensky) there has been an unprecedented merging of nationalist-radicals with the state system.

It should be understood absolutely literally, there is a corresponding document that is the same “Azov” quite officially a part of Ukrainian state structures and, therefore, its maintenance is financed from the state budget — and it exists at the expense of taxpayers, as well as behind the scenes (and sometimes open) the foreign sponsors of the project “State of Ukraine”.

So, misconception number one. It is considered that “Azov” is a voluntary education in its purest form. About cleanliness is debatable, but technically it was volunteer only until November 2014. All subsequent five years to this day “Azov” — give the official wording is a linear special forces unit, composed of military unit No. 3057 East quickly-territorial Association of National guard of Ukraine. What is the National guard? This military formation, part of the structure of the interior Ministry. That is one of the main security agencies of the country.

Understand the logic? “Azov” is supposedly not controlled by anyone and outside the purview of the organization, there were literally a matter of months, almost six months. All the while, the radical nationalists who use Nazi and neo-Nazi symbols, are officially in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, earn a salary, rations, and ammunition — and, accordingly, orders and instructions. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov — their immediate boss. So all these fables that the Azov themselves and do not obey anyone — pure mythology. Try to be a part of law enforcement agencies and no one to obey. Even in such a hypothetical state as current Ukraine, it is impossible.

Again I refer to the chain: “the basics” is the National guard, the National guard is the interior Ministry, the interior Ministry refers to the structure of the government, the government subordinate to the President. That is an organization, which the state Department proposes to prohibit congressional Republicans, is actually part of the state system under the name Ukraine. In fact, all the piquancy of the situation lies in this. Recognizing “Azov” is forbidden (act) formation, the state Department, in fact, recognizes the entire state system of Square — one. Actually, in Donetsk and Luhansk long ago talking about it and the Donbass leader Alexander Zakharchenko, who was killed in the attack, openly equated the actions of official Kiev to the activities of other internationally known terrorist organizations — ISIL*.

The irony is that the Congress of the previous convocation has even issued a separate decree, which forbade any funds to supply weapons to the fighters of “Azov”. As a structural unit of the Ministry of internal Affairs “Azov” received, and continues to obtain weapons, including the us. After all for anybody not a secret that Washington allocates considerable funds for the financing of the Ukrainian power structures — in order to “maintain the development of the country’s democratic institutions.” One of which, for all the same American logic, it is the “basics” too. Tranches and loans for re-equipment of Kiev receives regularly.

That is, with one hand, Americans themselves are sponsoring “Azov”, the other trying to ban equate to a terrorist organization. In my opinion, this is one of the clearest examples of the duality of the American political system. And in this sense it is noteworthy that the ban advocated by Republicans, who largely are the protectors of the current Ukrainian President — Zelensky. Poroshenko, during the reign of which radical nationalism in Ukraine has reached present prosperity, has always been considered a figure of the Democrats. Considering how much he kowtowed to the overseas curators, we can safely say that the patchwork of fighters with the Ukrainian state occurred by direct order from Washington.

No wonder why the Republicans made such an initiative now. Having a nominal levers of power, the real levers of the nationalists and “Azov” in particular Zelensky has so far. It became clear during the many attempts of breeding troops in the Donbass according to the “formula Steinmeier”. Zelensky helplessness in this situation in some sense affects the image of Republicans too — because within the international political elites all know that he is their protégé.

The Democrats — as one of the main interested parties maintain the degree of tension in the Donbass — through its ties with the nationalists won a small victory by staging sabotage “formula Steinmeier”. Republicans trying to take revenge, and if they do, it can really have catastrophic consequences for the Ukrainian statehood in the form in which it exists today.Semen Pegov

* Organizations recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia by the Supreme court.

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