Anton Khudobin's class

Anton Khudobin's class

Anton Khudobin was heart-heavy and couldn't find the right words to describe his feelings within minutes of the Stars' elimination in six games against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

“There's no feeling right now,” Khudobin whispered. We fought. We have worked hard. It was also difficult to stay away from our families for two months. ”

“We believed in our chances, we never thought about giving up. Unfortunately, we are not the winners. But the character of this team was great. ”

We often recognize grown-ups in defeat. Khudobin showed all his class and sportsmanship after the meeting. In the traditional handshake, the goalkeeper from Kazakstan warmly congratulated Lightning goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevskiy. He whispered a few words in her ear and gave her a friendly slap on the chest. Beautiful images.

After the game, Khudobin recounted this moment with his rival from the Lightning.

At the end of the match, Khudobin warmly congratulated Lightning goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevskiy.

“I have respect for everyone,” Khudobin replied. It is a sport for men. You can fight on the ice, you can say insults in any language. But when it's over, you become humans and friends again. I congratulated him. I was happy for him. It's not easy to win the Stanley Cup. I wanted to say bravo to him. ”

Recognized as a number two goalie since his debut in the NHL, Khudobin has had a magnificent run in the playoffs. He showed he was made for a starting goalie by replacing Ben Bishop. He played in 25 of the 27 Stars games.

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