Any iPhone and iPad can be broken in 3 seconds

Любой iPhone и iPad можно сломать за 3 секунды

Apple says that its iPhone and iPad are the most reliable mobile devices in the world, because they, thanks to the iOS operating system, has a high level of security, due to which their owners do not have to think about what they can crack, thus stealing all the data. However, quite often, the programmers of “Apple” of the Corporation admit some strange bugs, one of which any phone or tablet can be broken in just 3 seconds.

In particular, a researcher in the field of safety Patrick Wardle found that if your iPhone or iPad is in China, and its owner will type the word “Taiwan” or uses the flag Emoji this country, it is an electronic device breaks down, because it instantly turns off. If you are lucky, the gadget can then be switched on and continue to use it, and if not – you will need to restore via iTunes, in which all data will be lost, if the advance has not been made the backup.

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Любой iPhone и iPad можно сломать за 3 секунды

It is noted that the error occurs regardless of what application the user types the word “Taiwan” or the flag of the country. It can be WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or something else. To send a message, necessarily – just enter it via the keyboard or choose the appropriate smiley. The press service of “Apple” Corporation has not commented on this information, however, users note that iOS 11.4.1 of this annoying bug there.

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Любой iPhone и iPad можно сломать за 3 секунды

The problem was made public only now because of the fact that the Chinese Internet is very much separated from that in other countries, i.e. in China about this problem iPhone and iPad users know for a long time, but all the others found out about it only today, that is 11 July 2018. How could such a problem is unknown, but experts believe that the culprit could be some political differences, because any other explanation simply does not.

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